Monday, February 29, 2016


CHANGE...I've never been one who likes change. If it's good, leave it alone. To quote MONK, "let's not change anything...ever!" lol  But, things do change, whether we like it or not. And our kids growing up and changing is a BIGGIE. Where does the time go? I have no idea. It seems as if one day she was a tiny baby, the next day a chattery little toddler, and then BOOM! She is a almost grown up young lady. It makes me sad, and HAPPY, but still sad. She has grown up to be a very sweet, compassionate, and kind young lady. That makes me happy. We waited sooooo long for her, I was afraid she might be spoiled rotten. (she is a little but not bad) ;)

Anyway, we think she has made a decision about college. For now, she has decided to go to our local community college and study business. She may (probably) go on to get her BS but will have to do that somewhere else. The nicest thing about her going here is that she doesn't have to leave home yet. She can live at home and still be able to attend our church. And since she has decided to go in that direction, we have also decided to allow her do the dual enrollment plan, which means that she can do her senior work there and get college and high school credits. She has been an excellent student, all of her school years. She is really smart, so in all honesty, it hasn't been a struggle. She has an unbelievable ability to memorize or just remember things she's only read once, so it has made some of it super easy for her. (the upper level math and science hasn't been as easy but she's done well in them) 

***For the majority of her schooling, she's done ACE (School of Tomorrow for some). In high school she's used mostly Abeka math (with the exception of Saxon freshman year) This year has been the first time she's done Abeka exclusively. That being said, I just want to brag a little on ACE. I realize that they DO need to update their material. Much of it IS out of date. ***Emily and I would get so tickled at the 80's hair and clothes***, but she got a very good education using their curriculum. I've listened to a lot of criticism over the years about it and how it's so lacking. It may be, in some ways. But, Emily has taken ACE English all of her school years, and she got a 32 on the English part of the ACT. She got a 33 on the Reading section. She made 31 on the Science part, and with the exception of this year, she's only had ACE in Science also. Her overall composite score on her ACT was a 29, and this was her first time to take it. So, really, I can't help but brag on them. She's gotten a good education, she's learned what she needed to make a very, VERY good score on her college entrance test. We do plan for her to take it one more time (just to see if she can get her composite score over 30) I just thought it might be nice to encourage some other home school families who get criticized for the choices. ACE is a good curriculum. If you choose to use it, your children WILL get a good education. Don't listen to the naysayers. :)
                                  OFF MY SOAPBOX

So, if all goes according to the plan, my part of home schooling may be done (with the exception of my guidance through her next year). 
:(   High school has been hard, but she has done very well and we are so proud of her. Please do pray for her. She's seeking what the Lord's plan is for her life, but she's still not sure. She just wants to be right where the Lord wants her and do what HE has for her to do.