Monday, October 5, 2015

Godly Heritage Day

Our church celebrated Godly Heritage Day at church yesterday. Several of us got into the spirit of things by dressing up "old fashioned". It was a lot of fun, but most of all, we so much enjoyed being reminded of how blessed we are to have had the spiritual heritage we did. What a wonderful day we had!

First off, we must give our appreciation to Sister Teresa Francis
and Sister Gina Ellis for decorating the inside and outside of the church.
It was just "over the top" beautiful. 

Here's a little selfie with my Emily

Take a look at these little cuties!

We were privileged to have the Daniel Jordan family
be in service with us yesterday. They have been long
time friends to our church. We are so thankful they
could be here to celebrate the day. They are always
a blessing to us. 

My little hubby

He just LOVED getting to preach in blue jeans! lol

Emily and her little sidekick!

Me and my little sweetie! I just love her so much. 

Bouncy houses for the kiddos!

And of course, how can one celebrate our Godly heritage
without food? Some of my best childhood memories
included homecomings with "dinner on the ground".
Our dinner was served in the fellowship hall (which
was WAY better than outside) lol 
We had tons of great food and everyone really
enjoyed getting to fellowship (pun intended) ;)

Even some of the bigger kids got in the bouncy fun.
(mostly to keep the little tikes safe but still)

And can these kids JUMP?!?

And some friendly games of corn hole are always fun!

Overall, it was a super fun day. We didn't have any first time visitors
which we were really hoping for, but still, it was wonderful to be
reminded of what was handed down to us and what we need to
hand down to those coming behind us. 
Most of my childhood memories include being in church
and around church functions. I think I can safely say
that most of Emily's childhood memories will definitely be the
same- probably more so since she has been a PK. 
I am so happy and BLESSED! I am thankful for
the life that the Lord has seen fit to bless our 
little family with.