Monday, September 21, 2015

50th Birthday Surprise

We had a surprise party last night at church to
celebrate my husband's 50th birthday! It was
so much fun and I CAN'T BELIEVE IT, but
we actually DID surprise him. It was 
hard to be sneaky, it seemed like every time I turned
around this week, he was right at my elbow. LOL
But, we did it! 

We started everything off with having EVERYONE wear black.
When he walked in and saw the sea of black, he got a tad bit
suspicious. But, he still had no idea what all we had in store for him.
We played music just before the start of the usual. Then,
he made his announcements and prayers usual. 
Then, when he asked Bro. Ryan to come up to do the congregational
music, Bro. Ryan told him to just to sit back and relax, that
we had taken over the service. 

Bro. Ryan started out by telling a few funny things about him.
We all got in more than a few laughs. 

We had a couple of guest preachers 
on Skype and we put it up on the big screen.
But, for some goofy reason, I could not get these two
pictures to upload. It was so nice for him to have
a couple of his preacher friends to participate in his special day. 

Bro. Jay, our deacon, had some very nice things to say. 
He has always been a blessing to us. All the mean things
you hear about deacons have never been true of this man.
He has made my husband's job a pleasure. He has always
"had his back" no matter. 

Bro. Wendy also had some nice things to say. He always
feels like he can't get the right words out to say what
he feels in his heart, but honestly, I think he does
a wonderful job of communicating. It's from his heart
and such a blessing. 

Bro. Randal took a few moments to talk
about the time when the pulpit committee was
praying and seeking for a pastor, how it all came
about in calling my husband to serve here almost
15 years ago. He is a dear man who has always been
a blessing to our family. 

Bro. Jonathan spoke a few words about his
love and friendship for him. He was our "techy" expert who helped
with putting together the Skype calls.
We also had a DVD presentation with pictures
of my husband over the years and Bro Jonathan
did the work on it too. I really appreciate
Bro. Jonathan's hard work and dedication to get this
all together for us. 

I had invited Bro Payne and his wife, Dianne, to be
in the service with us. The two of them have been
great friends and hunting partners for close to 30 years.
I could not have imagined not having them there with us. 
He shared a really funny hunting story with us. 

Ryder, one of our teenage boys, gave testimony of how much he appreciated him
and how he had prayed for him and helped through
a difficult time a couple of years ago. It was so precious
to hear him say he loves his pastor. 

And then, Bro. Ryan called upon the men to
come up and pray with him. It was all very moving. 

After, the service,  we had cake and ice cream. 
His cake was so cute. It said "older than dirt"! lol

And, in honor of this very special birthday, he and I actually
ate birthday cake and had ice ice cream. This is the first time
that we've eaten sugar since April 14. And, although the cake
was very good, I decided that I haven't missed it all that much. 

And then, some of the young people put on a little
skit entitled "When Pastor Was My Age"
They would tell the year and some random things
about what prices were during that year. 

And, at the end of the skit, Daniel came out wearing
an afro wig and huge glasses and said, "when
pastor was my age, he looked like this"! It was soooo funny.
And HE REALLY DID LOOK LIKE THAT!  It was very cute.

Later, Emily stuck the wig and glasses on his head. lol

We really had an awesome party for him. He loved every
single thing about it. 
To top, it all off, I had invited a few of our old friends from
HBT (our previous church where he served as youth director)
to come by and have cake and ice cream with us after their service.
It was so nice to get to fellowship with them
and have them be a part of our celebration. 
Unfortunately, I was having so much fun, I forgot to get pictures 
during this time. 

I appreciate Miss Barbara so much for taking care of all the
decorating and picking up the cake for me so that
we could surprise him. She has been more of a help
to me than I could ever express. And she, and Mrs. Robin
helped in serving and I really appreciate their kindness. 

Overall, it was a wonderful surprise and he LOVED it!