Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Spending a Week at Pensacola Christian College

Last week, we took Emily down to 
Pensacola Christian College to attend drama camp.
She loves drama and she was so excited when
she learned that PCC had a drama camp. She's 
been planning this trip since last summer.
At camp, they learn many different aspects of
putting on a production. From the building of sets,
applying stage makeup, to many of the different ways
to act out a scene and project your voice.
Another great part of this trip is that she hopes
to attend PCC in a few years so this was a good
way for us to get to visit the campus. PCC truly
is a beautiful college. They treat the campers like
royalty. It's a week filled with fun, learning, making
new friends, and of course, GREAT preaching
directed at young people. 

The production this year was scenes from Little Women.
Emily loves Little Women so she was really excited. 

Mom and daughter selfie...just before we left her in her dorm.

Here she is with one of her roomies....a young
lady from middle TN. I thought that was
ironic considering there were kids from all over
the country there. This day, I texted her and told
her to send me a selfie...I was really missing her face. lol

She sent me a pic of her snack one day...hot chocolate
and gelato. She said it was yummy (I think she was trying to
tempt me on my diet) lol

During the production...she had a small role
as a school girl.

Emily with one of her new friends. 

A group of friends after the show. 

One of the directors finding the right shade of stage makeup
for her.

Working on a project during the set building workshop. 

And...since this was a LONG trip...took us about 9 1/2 hours...
my husband and I decided to stay in the area (at the campus house)
so as not to have to make that long trip twice. We spent the week
thrifting and treasure hunting. (I bet we know where more of
the thrift stores than do the locals) haha!

Also, we love the show American Pickers. We saw an episode where
they had acquired a ship and traded it to a restaurant at Pensacola Beach.
We thought it would be fun to go there for lunch one day and
then we could see the ship. So, here is is...the Fish House!

Picture taken from our table looking out the window...

And here is the ship...(not a good pic, I know) it was so cool to 
see it in person. lol

And here is my lunch, I love Caesar Salad, I always order it,
if it's on the menu.  I also had them add a little grilled chicken
for some extra protein. It was soooo good! (and I did eat the
croutons--bad for my diet--but there were only a few so that's okay.
I'm not big on seafood, what with being raised in the country where seafood is not readily available. But my hubby loves it and had an awesome meal (according to him) lol. Forgot to get a pic of his meal. Ooops... 

A view from the outside deck... so beautiful!

And, me and my little hubby...we had fun just
running around doing what we like to do.

It was a fun week. We enjoyed ourselves just running around thrifting
and do what we like to do! We really missed Emily. It gave us a small
taste of what our lives will be like when she goes to college. 
OH, HOW I DREAD IT! I know it's right, God doesn't give
them to us to keep forever, but it's so sad to think about it
Anyway, this was our week. 
Emily loved PCC and in all likelihood, she will be attending
there in a few years. But, it's great to know that if that is what 
she decides is the Lord's will for her, it's a great college and
we can trust the Lord to keep her safe there. 

***And on a totally awesome note, this is the first time I went on
vacation and LOST weight. Two more pounds down since the last weigh-in
for a total of 18 lost. Yay! How fun is that!?!***


Stephanie said...

What a fun week and great opportunity for Emily!

The Skinny on Staci said...

I loved drama when I was in school! Our local homeschool group has a drama team that does productions and stuff called Players of Light Theater. You have to be at least 13 to participate. They use some for props, makeup, set building, acting, etc. seems very neat! Hoping one of my kids want to participate one day. :)