Monday, June 15, 2015

2015 VBS

VBS! It's a lot of hard work but worth every minute!
We had our VBS last week. I taught the 12 and up girls
again and I loved it! I just love that age. It's an opportunity
to help young girls grow in their faith and learn to stand
on the own two feet when it comes to serving Jesus.
It's a tender and emotional age, but it's a time in their lives
when they need guidance and love. I feel privileged to 
teach these sweet girls. 
And, I am so thankful, beyond words, to have been
able to have lead one sweet young lady to the Lord.
It was so precious. She was soooo ready. What a blessing!

Stella Scope paid us a visit each night during our opening service. 

Bro. Ryan did a wonderful job leading the music, as always. 

Here's my class, along with Mrs. Darlene, my assistant.
I am "creativity-challenged" so she takes care
of all our craft stuff. And she is GREAT at that! She 
is a dear friend in the Lord and I love working with her. 

Mrs. Cheryl Nelson does the majority of our decorating.
She is so good at it. We are thankful for her hard work. 
She spends many, MANY hours making everything look great. 

Our class during craft time, minus Brianna, who had to leave early. :(

Games are always loads of fun and good for lots of laughs...

What a super group of girls! I am happy that they were so faithful
and attentive. Please pray for the one sweet young lady who gave
her heart to the Lord.