Monday, March 16, 2015

Death is No Respecter of Persons

Yesterday, my husband preached the funeral of a very old man. He was the father of a man in our church. He had been sickly for a good while. He had been in the nursing home for a few years. His funeral was sweet. He was honored at the cemetery with a military ceremony. It was very moving. His grandchildren loved him very much and it was evident.  

We left that funeral and drove to another town a few miles away to attend the funeral of a baby girl. She was the great granddaughter of another man in our church. She was sixteen months old. She passed away unexpectedly. As a mom, this was really REALLY difficult. To see a tiny little girl lying in a tiny little was heart wrenching sight. She looked as if she were sleeping and would just awake at any moment. 

I have thought much about yesterday. Two funerals, totally opposite from each other. From a human standpoint, one wants to feel as if the old man were the very lucky one. He lived a good long life and accomplished a great many things. And the sweet little baby girl barely had a life, it almost feels as if she was cheated out of having a life. But...spiritually speaking...she was really the one MOST BLESSED. She was given a life but taken on to heaven before she had to live in a God-hating, God-denying, and sin filled world. 

We were talking in the car while we were on our way there about how much the world has changed...just in the last twenty years or so. Attitudes about sin...sin that at one time was scoffed at and accepted...not just accepted...EMBRACED...not just embraced...but for all intents and purposes...FORCED...upon those who disagree. And really, what we see now is just the tip of the iceberg. The America (if there even is one) that our children and their children (if the Lord doesn't return) will live in will not even remotely resemble the America that our generation knew. Other countries hate America and what it has been a symbol of and always have. They've never been able to stand up and show how much they've hated this nation until the last few years. They despise us. They want to destroy us, and unless America falls on her face before a HOLY GOD and repents (as Israel did many times in the old testament) she is going to fall prey to these God-hating countries. 

Personally, I think we are living in scary times. America has faced wars in her history. But, America has always had God's blessing because she was a nation who stood for what is right. Sadly, we are no longer that nation. 

So, thinking about that sweet little baby girl going on to be with the Lord in heaven? She will never have to live in world that hates God and his people. Her parents will never have to worry about whether or not she will be saved because the Lord carried her home before she needed to make that decision. She is happy in heaven, she is healthy in heaven, she is LOVED in heaven, by One who loved her even more than her parents, as hard as it is for us to even think about. I know these thoughts are scattered but I just wanted to try to put it all down in words...some of these thoughts and feelings all swirling around inside my head and heart. 

It all comes down to this...we will all face a HOLY GOD one day, either through death or his return. It doesn't matter which way we go...the end is still the same. He died for us, to give us an opportunity to believe on Him and receive Him as our Savior. There is no other way. Jesus told us in His word, "...I am the way, the truth, and the life". We either believe in Him for the saving of our souls, or we do not go the heaven. My heart yearns to pray, "Lord come quickly" when I see the condition of our society but my heart also feels HEAVY at the many, MANY people I know who aren't ready to go.