Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Random Catch Up in No Particular Order

It's been WAY too long since I blogged but honestly, it's
so hard to do everything that I want to do
and I never get it all done. Since it's been so long since
I posted, I just chose some random pics from my phone
to try and document some of our lives around here. Lol!

I had a birthday in August! I have found that the older 
I get the more I like "old" things. Haha! When we
were first married, my husband and I bought an old
house that had ALL the stuff in it...furniture, glassware,
EVERYTHING still in it. And, I TOTALLY did NOT want
ANY of that old stuff. I wanted "country blue and ducks"
(which was ALL THE RAGE back then)
So, as soon as I could, we had a yard sale and 
practically gave that stuff away. 
Oh well...live and learn.
I said all that to say this...I have recently began
getting into "vintage" stuff. Look what my
hubby found for my birthday! We got
it at a thrift store (which is our favorite hang out btw)  ;)
It's called a deacon bench. Not sure of it's age...from
my research, I would say it's from around the 30's.
It's in very nice condition (solid) and just
the right amount of patina (scratched up) lol.
I love it! And he got it for a song really.

Emily has recently developed some new loves.
She has always loved musicals. But, I found her a
few old Broadway musicals on VHS at...wait for it....the thrift store! 
And that started a whole new thing for her.
She has been watching Broadway stuff and getting all carried
away for weeks now.
Her absolute favorite is "Phantom of the Opera"
and more specifically the 25th anniversary edition
at Royal Albert Hall in London.
Mostly because she really LOVES
Sierra Boggess and Ramin Karimloo.
I never thought I'd say it, but she's even
got me loving it and I HATED it at first. 

Here is a scene from her favorite version.
She's watched three or four different versions and
read the book.

Here she is in a mask she got for her "Phantom Shrine" in her room.
Didn't get a picture of that, but I need to. You wouldn't believe her attention
to details.

And of course, all these items are for the shrine.

And she also really loves Les Miserables...not as much as Phantom
but it HIGH up there on her list of loves.

My hubby and I were out "picking" one day
and saw Batman! How cool is that!?!
My honey is the one on the left. ;) (just
in case you had trouble making it out) Haha!

 One of Emily's newest additions to her "Princess"
business. The kids at the library loved Snow White.

This is Ramin Karimloo...Emily's favorite Phantom.
He now plays Jean Valjean in Les Miserables
on Broadway.

And you know, Emily has always LOVED
getting autographs from her favorites.
She had Kirk Cameron's and Amy Adams
plus ALL the autographs from the actors
in the Mandie movies.
She decided to try to get some of her
favorite Broadway actors. Here is 
a t shirt signed by all the cast of "The Little Mermaid"
on Broadway. Ariel (Sierra Boggess) is on front
and all the others on the back. 
And she also sent a letter to Sierra Boggess requesting
an autographed picture and she recently received that in the
mail (failed to get a pic of that too)
It has a prominent place in her shrine.

I found her this cool Broadway shirt at a thrift store.
It has almost every Broadway show you can think of.
She loved it!

Here is Zidane...one of the little sweeties
that our friends from church, Jonathan and Becky, are
fostering right now. Pray for them as they
care for these sweet darlings.

My husband loves putting trail camera's out
in the woods where he hunts. Look what he got
on camera last week. YIKES!!!

Here is Snow White at the library. We had a super great turn out. 

And look at all the "little" Snow Whites! So cute!

Emily and Kyeli

 Emily with Kyeli and Zidane

Emily's most requested...Queen Elsa!
She has had three parties this month
and all were for Elsa.

Here are some pics from one of the parties.

Emily found this "Phantom" hat in Family Dollar one day. 
Don't worry...I didn't let her waste her money on it. Lol.

My husband bought me this at an estate sale recently.
It's a vintage floor lamp. Isn't it so pretty? 
It's right behind my deacon bench. Makes
that corner so pretty. And ain't that deer head
pretty too????? 

Here is another pic...one that shows a little more detail
.The lighting sometimes messes me up.
And here is a cute little hand made quilt I also
got a thrift store to go on the bench. 

Well, that's about all really.
We have started back with school.
Emily is in tenth grade this year.
She is doing Algebra II (Abeka),
English II, World History, Physical Science,
and New Testament Survey...all ACE...,
Spanish II (Rosetta Stone), and one more
semester of Computer Literacy. She also does
music practice every day as a part of her work day.
Also, we found a lady who had just recently retired
from a local community college here who taught Comp.
She has very graciously offered to teach a class to a group
of home school students. The class is called English Literature and
Composition. It is a college prep class. We have chosen
to just do one semester so that she can still do her ACE English paces.
It makes for a pretty tight and challenging 
schedule but she is doing very well...as always.
 I am excited about her getting to do this class...she is very gifted
in writing...although for the most part, she only writes stuff that
doesn't really matter (as I guess all teenage girls do)
Anyway, I am excited to see how her writing is expanded and improved
during this class. Her teacher is great...she is demanding...which
is good...that in itself will greatly prepare her for college.
That's it on the home school front.

There's not much else new right now. I am so looking
forward to fall days, cooler weather, scarf-wearing weather, 
and just the general slowing down of things.
And of course, I am REALLY looking forward to 
my first pot of chili...(which I always save for fall and winter)