Thursday, July 17, 2014


Wow! Summer is almost over...BOO! I think that this
has been the fastest summer ever. And I had such big plans
to blog...but quitely frankly, we've been living our lives
and doing soooo much that I just haven't had TIME to. 
But, I had a few extra minutes this morning (not because
I don't have anything to do but just because I wanted to)
So, here goes...get ready for MAJOR PICTURE OVERLOAD!!

 Of course, our first big summer project is VBS 
(but you knew that already, didn't you?) Lol!  ;)

This was a picture of my classroom.
(my extreme gratitude to Mrs. Cheryl who does
almost all the VBS decorating~ a few exceptions
are some of the teachers who choose to do their own~ but
since I am very much "creativity-challenged", I am so happy
to have someone who is good at it to take care of it for me)

Mrs. Missy Longmire had the job of registering all the kids
and getting them where they needed to be. 

And we had some fabulous help in the kitchen this year. 
Mrs. Barbara only had to give directions and her help
was right at her fingertips. 

Meet "Tracker Jill" who dropped in on us each night.
She was really BAD with directions, but she found 
her way in to pay us a brief visit nightly.

Mrs. Amy~ Our hard-working VBS administrator and Mrs. Missy.

What in the world is "Tracker Jill" up to now, I wonder?

A picure of my teen girl class. We really had a good turn out 
this year. (note my Emily is missing..  :(   She opted
to be a teacher's helper this year instead of a student).
She so much enjoys working with the little kids so she
assisted Mrs. Teresa in the 2-3 year old class.

Here we were playing a game.They had to pick up an M&M with a straw and
drop into the cup. The one who got the most in 30 seconds won. It was
a fun game. We played little games like that each night. 

Mrs. Darlene was my assistant again this year. I did
the teaching part and she did the craft. This year, she 
had them make a macrame plant hanger. The kids
did great. 

And here is another picture of our group. 

Oh dear, here she comes again! lol

Our church was blessed to be able to purchase an "ark" for
a new play area for our little guys. We do have a small gym
but usually when we have dinners and such, some of the older
ones like to play basketball in there. So we really needed
a place for the little kids to go. Emily just had to
do her "Titanic" pose. Silly girl. We now have the
area fenced and are getting ready to put down rubber
mulch. So we should have a nice area for our little
guys for a good long time.

Our family isn't planning a vacation this year, but we did
take a family fun day to visit The Little Ponderosa Petting Zoo and
Rescue. We had so much fun. It really is a super nice facility
and I highly recommend it if you are looking for a nice
day outing. Emily's friend Toni was able to go with us. 

Emily wanted a selfie with a Llama. She said "Smile, Llama" and
it looks like he cooperated nicely.

The next BIG project we planned for summer was
to switch and redecorate Emily's room. She had a small
bedroom and the bigger room next to it that used to be
the playroom. Since she no longer needed it for that purpose,
and could greatly use more space, we switched. She wanted
to decorate in a Paris theme. Now, we plan to make my husband
a new study in the room that used to be Emily's. We are currently
in the middle of that. Pictures will come when it's is completed. 

I really wanted to find Em a new dresser with a mirror
and we were able to get one at a yard sale along
with a matching chest of drawers. It is really nice.
And it gives her way more space for her stuff.
Her little tv is now mounted to the wall.
We found a wall mount on Amazon for ten bucks. That
frees up the top of her chest now. We also have some
Paris removeable stickers ordered that she will place
randomly around the room...but they are en route.

The tropical mural is left from when this was the playroom
but we payed a ton of money for it so we told her she'd just
have to go with it. We didn't want to just rip it down. 
(besides, when we hung it, the directions said NOT to use
sizing which means it is going to be a PAIN to remove~so the
next family who lives here will get to do that) Lol!

Cute border

A friend got her this cute box.

The Paris picture we picked up at a thrift store and the London
picture (which Emily loves too) we found at a yard sale.

Got two of these little cuties at a yard sale for 50 cents each.

Got this decanter (missing it's top) at a yard sale for 50 cents.
When you lift it, it is a music box that plays "The Last Time I 
Saw Paris". It is a vintage decanter that...IF we had the top to it,
would be worth over $100. Imagine that...I told Emily we could
paint it if she wanted to, but she likes it the way it is. 

Cute picture frame. Just need a new picture for it. 

Jewelry tree that says it at a yard sale. 

Just love her bedding. And of course, Marie, from the Aristcats
fits right in with her theme. 

I totally love this little Paris suitcase box. Also, got 
it at a yard sale. 

Almost all ( the exception being the box from a friend) of the accessories
came from yard sales or thrift stores.
It was really fun keeping an eye out for "Paris" treasures.
We got her bedding on Ebay and I bought the curtains at
Family Dollar for very cheap. 
She totally LOVES her new room.

And of course, she is still doing StoryTime at our local 
library one Saturday a month. This was the first time
that "Elsa" got to visit. We had a REALLY good turn out
this time...around 35 kids present. That is the most yet.
Of course, everyone loves Elsa and they were so excited to get
to meet her and get pictures with her. 

And it never ceases to amaze me how GOOD she is with these kids.
She knows just how to get them to sit quietly and listen.
She's really quite gifted...if I say so myself. ;)

Huge group...this is not all of the kids. Some were too shy for the 
group picture. 

This little sweetie came as Anna so we had both of the sisters. :)

So, we've been super busy. I am fixin' to get covered up in canning
so I have no idea when I'll blog next. But, whenever it is, hopefully, I 
won't have QUITE as many pictures. (but who knows?)
I wish we made a couple more months of summer.
I sound like the kids, don't I?