Wednesday, June 11, 2014

VBS Week

We are ever so swamped this week...with VBS!
I have taken a few pictures along. (Since I started
teaching the teenage girls class, I don't get as many
as I used to) But, I love teenage girls! They just win
my heart, I've always loved working with young people.
And truly, if you can win their hearts at a young age, and
fire them up for living for God now, it makes a huge
difference in helping them stay true to God later.
So, be on the lookout for pictures later.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Busy Days As Usual

Our spring has been pretty busy so far. Emily has had two parties
in the last couple of weeks. She went as "Anna" from Frozen
at both parties. She is loving doing this. 

Here she is with the birthday girl at one of the parties. 

Emily just turned 15! I cannot believe it. She wanted an "Elsa"
dress for her birthday. She had already bought the wig and we
were happy to find a dress that was already pretty modest without
having to do a ton of work to it. (However, Emily has recently lost
quite a bit of weight--atleast three skirt sizes--so when the 
dress arrived it was too big)  So, we ended up doing some
alterations after all. (She didn't mind...she's loving losing weight)  ;)
But, once the dress arrived, she wasn't satisfied with the wig, so she is
planning to sell this one and she has already ordered a different one. 
I will post some new pics when we get the newly altered dress back
and the new wig. :)

Here she is at party # 2. This one she did for
a sweet little girl at church that she LOVES. 
She is such a precious little angel. 

 Emily taught her to do a duck face. lol

We had a special service at church to honor our graduates. We had one high school graduate, two
graduate with an associate degree, two with a bachelor degree, and one with a doctorate.
We have a special program to honor the high school which we present them
with a KJV Scofield Bible and a small scholarship. We also honor our home school students
during this service. Our church has an umbrella home school academy and our home school
students are recognized for their accomplishments during the school year. 

Emily played Pomp and Circumstance for our senior, Logan Adkisson, to march in to.

Zekkie Crass was our only kindergarten graduate. (I don't know if you can tell
in the picture, but he was very unhappy. He did NOT want to march in) Poor
little buddy...he was crying his little heart out. 
And then, our home school students were awarded
a certificate of completion for the school year. 

Emily has had a very good year (as usual).
She is finishing up her freshman year. It was
hard- she had a super tough schedule- and it 
was very time consuming. She finished her first year
of high school making A honor roll.

And then, there was our senior, Logan Adkisson.
He graduated from our local public school. He attended our
church school through the fifth grade.
He has always been a very special young man.
He is so sweet and kind. And, he has been
faithful to the Lord and to our church all of this
young life. We are so very proud of him.

I just had to have a picture made with him. He was my
sweet little buddy when he was in our church school.

Congratulations to you, Logan! 
I can't wait to see what the Lord is going to do in your life. 

And next week, is VBS! So goes the busy days
of summer. We are heading into it full speed.
We have our garden out and it's off to a good start.
Before we know it, we'll be canning and putting it all up.
I love summer. It's my favorite season of all...besides winter, spring, and fall. LOL! ;)