Monday, May 5, 2014

FBC Ladies Meeting 2014 "Choices"

The theme for our ladies meeting was "Choices" with our
theme verse as Joshua 24:15.
Our focus was on the importance of making
wise choices.
...choose you this day whom ye will for me and my
house, we will serve the Lord.

1) everyone has to make a choice
2) we have choose every day
3) we have to choose as a family who we will serve

We must take seriously our choices and not make them
hastily or without care. We will give an account for
our choices and our choices will affect our families as much
as they affect us as individuals. 
We had a wonderful day, filled with fun and laughter,
great good and fellowship, and a thought-provoking
devotion by Sister Carolyn Wells.

Unfortunately, I was so swamped that I didn't even THINK of
pictures until it was all over. :(
These were taken by Sister Rebecka Whittenbarger and I
am borrowing them. ;)

Here is one of myself with Sister Wells. She is 
a precious sister in Christ and she gave a wonderful devotion.

I was so happy to get to have my mother and sister with me.
We live a ways apart so it's very seldom that I am in service
with my family. It made the day extra special for me. (I only
wish my other sister and niece could have been here as well)

And here is one with my mom, sister, and my sweet Emily.

And here is one she took when the ladies were still coming in 
and getting registered. 

We had a very nice turn out. It seemed to me a little
more hectic getting ready for it this year.
So, I admit that the last couple of weeks had been
SUPER-STRESSFUL, but the meeting was "oh so worth it"! 
I apologize for not having more pics than these. 
It was such a wonderful day.