Saturday, April 12, 2014

Princess Anna Visits the Library

"Princess Anna" from the movie "Frozen"
visited the Wartburg Public Library today. 
We had a fabulous turn out today...21 kids present!
That's our best number yet. It was really fun
and the kids LOVED Anna! ;)

"Anna" was also invited earlier this week to participate
in a Literacy night at a public elementary school
in our area. There were many excited little children
(girls mostly but a few little boys) who came
out to meet "Anna" and listen to her read
stories in the school library.


Tammy said...

I'm glad this idea has worked out so well for her. I hope it turns into a good money maker for her also. Great way to earn cash and set your own hours.

Tammy said...

She really loves doing it and of course, her ultimate goal is to be able to make some money out of it. She hasn't had many parties yet but she has had a few. We've given out lots of cards and she's had some really great opportunities to meet people so hopefully it will take off. It's taken a while for her to get her costumes built up...the more Princesses you can offer, the better the chance of getting parties. She can now do Cinderella,Rapunzel,Belle,Ariel, and Anna. She could also do Alice in Wonderland or Belle in her village dress. She's working on getting dresses to do Elsa (next), Merida, and of course, she still needs Aurora and Snow White. She's having fun with it and enjoying the children. Hopefully, she'll get it built up.