Saturday, April 19, 2014

FBC Home School Formal 2014

Well, last night was our Home School Formal.
We had a very small group this year.
Some graduated and some just couldn't make this year.
However, I think the kids had as much fun
(maybe more) because they were mostly all the same age. 
They laughed and giggled and seem to have a wonderful time.
I am so happy that we can do something special like
this for our kids. 

 Emily and her friend Toni from church.
Em and Toni have been great friends practically all
their lives. Toni was born just a few months
after we came to our church and Emily was just
a baby. They are super close. 

 Emily and Ryder.
Ryder is a sweet young man
who has been a good friend to Emily
ever since his family joined our church.
They were "companions" last night for the formal. 

 Four very sweet young people from a small
christian school in our area.
They are all very nice kids and we are happy
to include them in our activities. 

 The entire group.
Aren't they a nice looking group of young people?
They are all very sweet kids. They were very
respectful and appreciative 
of our efforts to do something special like this for them.

 Bro Jonathan Snow-our youth director- gave
a very good devotion.
He also had some games and stuff for the kids to do. 
They were so fun and hilariously funny. 
The kids were very good sports too.  (except for
a couple girls who flatly refused to eat baby food)
I'll give you a guess as to who those girls were. ;)
Even  an ITunes gift card (which was the game prize)
could not entice them to play. 

So they had a great time. 
Now that that's over, it's time to
get ready for our annual ladies meeting- which is
coming up in just a couple of SHORT weeks!!! 
There is still much to do, but we are praying
and looking forward to it.
Looking forward to the Lord blessing it, as He always does. 
And then, just a few weeks later....Vacation Bible School.
These are busy days...but truly, I wouldn't have it any other way. 
I heard an old preacher say years ago, "I'd rather wear out for the Lord
than rust out"! So there you have it! lol.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Princess Anna Visits the Library

"Princess Anna" from the movie "Frozen"
visited the Wartburg Public Library today. 
We had a fabulous turn out today...21 kids present!
That's our best number yet. It was really fun
and the kids LOVED Anna! ;)

"Anna" was also invited earlier this week to participate
in a Literacy night at a public elementary school
in our area. There were many excited little children
(girls mostly but a few little boys) who came
out to meet "Anna" and listen to her read
stories in the school library.