Friday, March 28, 2014


There's not much new to tell, that's the main reason I haven't posted.
There's no news yet on the weight loss front. Our weather has just been
so cold and wet and yucky, I haven't gotten back into the whole walking
thing fully. So, while that is getting off to a slow start, I will get back into
it when I get the energy. ;)

This time of year is just so full of busy days. We're coming off of the winter
months when things tend to be a little slower (for our family anyway)  Since
January, we've been cutting and splitting firewood (for the next two seasons)
We have one of those new-fangled wood stoves that is EPA approved...and
let's just say it's a little bit more picky about the wood it will be burn. We have
discovered that oak (which is our preferred wood) really does need two complete
years to be seasoned enough to burn properly. Sheeshh...that makes for a TON
of trouble with cutting our own wood--because we have to keep the wood
cut ahead two years. But, with all the savings from heating costs, it is definitely
worth any trouble we have to go to. I heard folks this year talking about three
and four hundred dollar heating bills. Our highest electric and natural gas bills
for any one month during the winter was about $120.00. So, we'll just cut
wood, :)

We are in preparation stages planning our second home school formal. The
formal is a lot of fun. It's just a little something special that we like to do
for them. An opportunity to get all dressed up and do something extra special.That
will be on April 18 (also Emily's 15th birthday)  Yikes! How did she get to be
so grown up? And she's studying for her driver's permit. I can't bear the
thoughts of all this. Makes me sad.

Our ladies meeting is coming up in May. I am so excited about it. The Lord
always amazes us with the special work that He does. There is still much to
do to prepare for it. But, it's coming together. I can hardly wait.

After that (in June) is VBS. That is always a big deal for us. It is our biggest
opportunity to reach out to our community. There are many children who
live in just a short distance from our church. We try to canvass the area,
with invites to come. We pray we make a small difference in the lives of
these precious little ones.

And, of course, with summer comes gardening, mowing, and catching up
with stuff around the house that gets neglected during winter months.
It makes me tired thinking of it all, but after the long cold winter I am ready
for it.

Well, this has probably all been boring, but that's the way it's been around
here. lol..

***Soon, I hope to post a video of Emily playing the song, "Let it Go" from
Frozen. She has done a fabulous job learning it, and has just gotten it
memorized (it is eight pages long)  But so far, she won't let me record... :(
***she's a BIT of a perfectionist! ;)

That's all for now!


Tammy said...

Thanks for the update. We are thinking of investing in a wood heating stove for next year. After this past winter and the electric bills we need to do something different.

Tammy said...

I don't think you'd regret it. It's a bit of an expense at first but believe me, it will pay for itself the first year alone in what it saves you in heating costs. I really love it. And the best part is that you can walk around in your shirt leaves. (I just hate the whole layered feeling) I highly recommend one. :)

Tori Leslie said...

I don't think your life is boring at all. We started burning with a wood burning stove this year too, the normal gas bill for the three coldest months topped $700. This year we saved a ton of money. It's defiantly worth it.

I live the idea of a homeschool formal, such a nice opportunity for the girls. Emily is already turning 15? Time sure flys!

Well, glad you have some stuff planned, it's defiantly time to be productive, winter will be back before we know it.
Have a great day!!