Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Notice My Ticker?

Well, as much as I hate to admit it, I have gained a few pounds. :(
We (and husband and I) managed to get all the way through the summer
without a weight gain. ***We had started watching our diets more closely
and walking together daily the summer before...so we had managed to lose
some weight and keep it off for a whole year. But, this fall and into the early
part of the new year has been tough. It's been really cold here~which meant
many mornings it was simply too cold to walk outside. At first, I was good
about the treadmill but in all honesty, I don't enjoy that as much, so soon that
kind of played out too. And the more I put it off, the more I dreaded it and got
out of the habit, I guess. I began to notice some of my clothes getting a bit
snug, but I've been procrastinating about ACTUALLY get on the scale.
But, I finally did, and I don't know whether I am glad or mad. Needless, to
say, I gotta get back to paying attention to my daily calorie intake and back
to consistent exercise (and if it's too cold--then it's on the treadmill or
treadclimber)  So, this post is just for me...and as a way of helping me get
back to better eating. I have to REALLY watch it as far as food goes.
Some people can just cut back on soda and that makes a huge difference for
them. But, I don't drink soda (very little) as in probably less than one per month.
I drink water...all day long...except for my two cups of coffee in the morning.
I rarely eat dessert, I don't really crave sweets, never have. And I do eat
very healthy...lots of fruits and veggies, and very little fried foods. So, it's just
a matter of keeping the calories down to 1200 and exercising daily.I want
to use the little ticker on my sidebar to help me...to be encouraged to see
the numbers go down. Not fun, but I do want to be at a healthy weight.
I want to take care of the temple God gave me. So here we go again...


Peggy said...

I know right now I have to MAKE myself get out and walk...so much more fun in the summer! And it does get harder to lose or maintain as we get older...ugh

Tammy said...

It has been so cold here too and it makes it hard to go outside or really do much of anything. Also, I think our bodies just crave calories for warmth when it is really cold. Today was the first day above freezing in the month of February for us! It is the 13th! It has been a long, very cold and quite snowy winter in Missouri and I am ready for spring! Diets are hard to stick to. Healthy eating is costlier on the budget than junk food really.

Tammy said...

Yes, Sister Peggy, you are right. It used to not be so hard to keep the weight off when I was younger. :( And you are right too, Tammy. Eating fresh healthy foods is much more expensive. I would love to keep more fresh fruit and veggies on hand...but I usually end buying just a few and then trying to compensate by buying frozen veggies. (we still have garden stuff but it's not the same as eating fresh) The grocery budget will only allow so much... So, the only option is to eat less. Boo...lol