Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! God has been so good to us in 2013!
Looking forward to 2014. I want to love, serve, and honor Him
more than I ever have before. He's been too good to me for me 
not to give Him my best.

Love to All!
Joshua 24:15

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

2013 FBC Secret Prayer Sister Banquet

We had our Secret Prayer Sister Banquet last week.
I thought I'd just share a few pics. 
Some of them didn't turn out well (the lighting in the
fellowship hall messes with my camera and since I am
so totally an amateur, I don't know how to fix it--please excuse) lol

I can never resist taking one of the lovely fireplace. 
 Miss Barbara did a very nice job with the tables this year.
I would describe them as "simply elegant".
She did a great job mixing the burlap and decorations to
bring out a "Country Christmas" look.

Next are just a few randoms shots as our ladies came in. 
I love to see them all standing around fellowshipping together.
It really blesses this pastor's wife to see our ladies all loving
each other...no cliches...just precious relationships. :)

Mrs. Tonia and Lindsay~ A sweet mother and daughter

Mrs. Peggy and her daughter-in-law Becky...you can see Becky's mother
in the background...I don't know what she was doing back there. ;)

Some of the earlier ladies grabbed the table closest to the fire. lol

Mrs. Teresa and her daughter-in-law Misty. 

Emily with some of her friends.

 One of the group.
It was hard to get a good picture-this was the best I could do. 
I could have used my Iphone and got a panaoramic...didn't think of it at the time. lol

Mrs. Tonia did our devotion and did such a wonderful job.
It was very timely...as it dealt with where several of our ladies ARE right now
and the situations they are currently dealing with. 
The Lord is so precious...He always knows EXACTLY what we need.

 Now, for the good part...the eating! :)

Miss Barbara

 Miss Barbara and Miss Faye~ they do so much
I could never begin to tell how much they mean to me
and to all of our church family. It makes this pastor's wife
life so much easier because I know that I can count on them. 

I appreciate Mrs. Robin too! She had some really fun
games prepared for us (I count on her a lot for this too) and
she always comes through. ***She was not having the best day either
but she came right on and I am so glad she did. 

 Games are always so much fun...we have a great time
laughing at one another. 
 In this game, we were drawing pictures while the plates were on our heads.
I thought mine was good, but I only got one point. :) lol

The next few pics are of a game we played where we had
to "act out" the names of different Christmas songs.
It was hilarious. 

And for some reason, I didn't think to take pictures during
the "revealing" and the gift exchange.
Our ladies have really enjoyed doing the Secret Prayer Sisters.
It has given us all an opportunity to focus on another lady in our church, 
to pray specifically for things that are important in their lives, to
watch for times when they've been sick or just might
need some special encouragement. I think that's it's helped us
to become more empathetic toward others. At least, I hope it has.
I can't wait to see who I get to pray for next year. :)

Next Sunday, we have our Christmas dinner. I am sure there will be a few pic
of it too. And our Christmas play and program are scheduled for Sunday night, Dec. 22nd.
Please pray...we always have a lot of visitors for that service and usually some sinners in attendance.
It is a wonderful opportunity to share the gospel with some
who only ever come to church one service during the year.

The Lord has been good...He deserves our love, praise, and adoration during
this season. After all, HE IS THE REASON FOR THE SEASON! 

Merry Christmas!