Monday, September 9, 2013

Emily's New Project

Emily has an idea of something that she would
like to do to make a little money, get to be around
little kids (which she absolutely LOVES), and
still get to enjoying dressing up (which she has ALWAYS loved) ;)
Her idea is to dress up as a princess and go to parties
(you know~kind of like hiring a clown only in this case
you would hire a princess) We thought it was
a great idea because what little girl doesn't love princesses?
And we do not have anything like this in our area.
We wanted her to be responsible, though, and not take
any of it too lightly so we insisted that if she really wanted
to do this, she should be the one to invest in it.
So, she SAVED her money for months--including having
a yard sale and selling a lot of stuff-- and bought
her dress and wig! (which was pretty expensive)
She plans to make up some flyers and hang them around town
to advertise her business.

In the meantime, we thought it would be a great idea
for her to do some community service. 
We went to our local library and talked with
the librarian to see if they would be interested
in having her come in dressed as a princess
for story time. Our librarian LOVED the idea!
So, this coming Saturday, Emily will have her first
"Storytime with a Princess"
at the public library. She and the librarian
will pick some nice classic and seasonal stories to read
to the children. She has committed to going
to the library one Saturday each month for story time. 

Here are a few pics of Emily dressed as Rapunzel.

She also can go dressed as Cinderella as she 
has an appropriate costume for her. And a dear
friend of mine wanted to "invest" in Emily's new project by
giving her money to purchase another wig, which she has already
bought and is in transit. She doesn't yet have that dress ordered.
She wants to do Ariel next (she plans to order her "human" dress which is
much more modest)  :)
I hope this all works out well for her. She's very excited about it.
And she already has two parties booked! How cool is that? If she could
make a pretty good go of this, we wouldn't have to worry about
her having to get a job where she had to work on Sundays or Wednesdays.
There's really only so much that a young lady can do (we have always
tried to teach her to be responsible about finances) and as she
gets a little older, she will need to be able to do something as far
as making money. This would be something that she could do that
she loved, while learning responsibility. And who says it can't be FUN? ;)

What do you think of Emily's idea?


Tammy said...

I love love this idea! It looks funny to see her in the blonde wig! ;) She will do good I think with this. I'll pray she does.

Stephanie said...

I think it is a great idea. Looks like a lot of fun!