Sunday, July 21, 2013

Wow! I can't believe how long it's been since I've posted anything. 
As usual for us, summer has been kind of hectic. We've got some
things planned for the rest of summer too. First of all, my sisters and
I are planning to take Mom to visit our great aunt in Florida. (she moved
down there before Emily was even born) Mom and she used to be 
great companions and they haven't seen each other in over fourteen years
(however they talk on the phone all the time)  Anyway, we are leaving 
next week (seven of us) to go visit her and then we are taking Mom to
the ocean for a few days. She hasn't been in many, MANY years. 
***and since Momma had knee replacement surgery earlier this year
she can't ride for long periods of time so we will never to stop every
little bit to let her get out and walk***therefore, we are planning to make
the trip in two days--TWO VERY LONG DAYS-- lol  

All in all, the trip will be for about seven days. (all of us hanging out
together for seven days~it's liable to be like the good ole' days with a
little fuss thrown in here and there for good measure)   :)

And there are no fellows on this trip (except Max, my nephew)
ALL GIRLS!!!!! Good thing our condo has TWO bathrooms! lol

These are our nearest plans for the summer. 
*****oh, I so hope this beach trip goes better than the last one*****
(actually the last beach trip was fabulous excepting the trip home) 
So, be looking for some pics soon. 

Also, I have had some thoughts floating around in my head and heart
that I plan to post about soon. Just trying to find a way to articulate
them. The Lord has been working in my heart and I want to share
with you the same way He has been with me. 

Well, gotta run. Today is the Lord's day and I gotta go get ready for it!
Don't forget to spend it in the Lord's house!!!!

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