Sunday, June 16, 2013

Bad News and Good News

Well, this post begins with good news, gets a little bad in the middle, and
ends with more good.
We were blessed to get to take a few days to visit Sandestin, Florida, thanks
so much to a dear man in our church. He owns a condo down
there and is in the process of selling it. It will probably sell in July
so he offered to let us use it in June (had a couple openings)
Normally, our family is more "off season" vacationers for
obvious being that we just like it better when there
are less crowds...and two, and just as important, the cost is usually
WAY less. But, we were going to be able to go on this one
for practically just the cost of gas. (I took most of our own
food, we only ate out a couple of times) So you see, it
was hard to pass this one up. :)
It was a beautiful place down there. We've only been down on the
panhandle side one other time-and that was to Panama City.
I have got to tell you, Sandestin is so lovely. The beach was
white sand, hardly any shells to walk on, and the water so clear you
could even see little fishies swimming around your feet.
We just basically took it easy, rested a lot, and had a very
nice few days off. We even got to listen in online to
OUR OWN CHURCH SERVICE...and in jammies. You can't beat that!
There was a very nice pier within walking distance to our condo.
 Bret and Emily even cooperated for SOME pics ( just a few )
 Here is a "selfie" of the three of us.
 It was so beautiful at night.
Emily and I
 Bret and I
 The lovely ocean...I am a born and bred mountain girl.
I do so love our mountains...but I've got to tell you, I sure
do love the ocean too. Something about it just speaks peace
to my soul.
 Emily out on the boogie board.
(now don't be fooled...I was very careful taking pictures...there
were tons of people there...I just didn't want them in my pics)
However, I will say this, it wasn't really as crowded as I expected.
 They had this adorable village where we were, you could walk to
probably twenty different restaurants, little cute shops, and some
activities for the kiddos.
They had a place where they could zip line. I couldn't believe
it when Em said she wanted to try it. But, here is the proof...
Now, for the less than good news. We got an early start on the
way home Friday morning. We left at 5:30 am so we could get
back early. But, about an hour into the trip, the car was starting
to overheat. We stopped at a tiny town, had to wait for them to
open (cause we left so early) :/  They checked and said the
it needed a thermostat. (we knew this because we had already
checked on this earlier)  It was a very big job on the would
take about four hours. We didn't feel we had a choice, so we stayed and had
it fixed. But, when they were done, they found an even bigger problem.
It had blown a head gasket...which basically meant the car was not
going to be fixable. Now, we are seven hours from home in a car
that has serious problems. What to do? They said
we could probably make it home if we took it easy.
So, off we go, now it's after lunch time. We make about another
half hour down the road...when it finally goes ka-put altogether.
So, with very little cell signal, and the help of a nice Alabama lady, we
got in touch with a car dealership who sent a tow truck. He proceeded
to take us a tiny little, rinky dink town in Alabama. (I am sorry, but
I am just telling it the way I felt it during the middle of this experience)
We looked at a few cars, trying to decide if we should just buy a car, but
didn't have any peace at all about doing that, so we decided
to rent a car to get home. We had to leave the Buick there.
We haven't decided what to do about it. If we have it towed home,
(seven hours one way) it would cost a fortune, not to mention the
cost of having to fix it, plus there is the $400 we already paid
to fix the stupid (excuse the word) theremostat. (we usually tell
Em not to say stupid but in this case, I think it's appropriate)
So, we left there Podunktown ( ahem...I mean, this nice little quiet town in Alabama)
finally about 5:00 pm. We have now been in the car for almost twelve hours.
We drive another seven hours, with a couple of stops, and get home
about 1:00 pm. So, we had a great restful vacation, only to become
totally exhausted on the way home. ;)
After we got home, we had to be up early to return the rental (office closed early on Saturday)
Then we took a drive to Knoxville and bought me a car. It's a "new to me" 2008
Prius. We went to Carmax (which I totally recommend) drove a few cars, made a decision,
and came home. So thankful to find one with very low miles.
The bad news is that my old car died and I will miss it.
I so loved my Buick Rendezvous. It was my favorite car we ever owned.
But, the Lord blessed us to find a low mileage Prius which will get
more than double the miles per gallon that my Buick did.
That's the good news.
How do you like my new little car?
Looks small but it is really quite roomy inside.
Got lots of gadgets and gizmos to try to figure out how to  use. lol
But, as always, the Lord is good. I am thankful so much for His blessings.
That could have happened at any time. My sisters and I are planning to take
our mother to visit a great aunt in Florida in a few weeks and it could have
happened when it was just us girls. So, I am happy and blessed.
God has been too good to me for me to complain.
So, it's been a interesting summer so far...wonder what else we're going to get


Tammy said...

Oh love the pics of the vacation! Sorry for your turmoil but glad it ended up ok. Congrats on getting the other car!

Stephanie said...

Oh wow. I'm glad you were able to get a new car but the whole breaking down sounds stinky! Maybe it will be a story you can laugh at one day, like Emily throwing up in the church van on the way to teen camp after having her fingers smashed in her car seat :)

Tori said...

Wow, what a trip! So glad you made it home and you guys were physically safe during it all. BTW, love that little car!

Tammy said...

Thank you Tori and Tammy for the comments about our trip. We are grateful the Lord worked it the way He did by keeping us safe and helping us find a good car to replace the other one. And Stephanie! Oh my word,I had forgotten that throwing up incident. It's funny how things like that seem like such a big deal at the time and then you forget all about them. (I think Emily threw up at every major event back then)lol. Thankfully, she did outgrow that!