Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Coolest Vacation Ever!

Atleast in Emily's estimation! Our family was blessed to be able
to go Walt Disney World last week.
As I side note, I would like to clarify something. Our family
RARELY ever takes a vacation...other than a day or two
up in Pigeon Forge--which is about an hour or so away.
We have, on a couple of occasions, went to the ocean...only
because my husband was preaching in the Carolina's and we took
another day or two to let Emily see the ocean.
So, while some families take vacations every summer or
atleast once a year, our family doesn't normally do this.
For one thing, we are VERY frugal. We try very hard
to be careful with our money...since my husband is in the
ministry full-time, we want to be sure that we are
careful and responsible stewards of the Lord's money.
That being said...we began saving our money almost a year
ago for this vacation. (Even Emily--has been saving her allowance
and putting in the Disney jar)   We have been socking away every
extra penny, nickel, dime, quarter, and dollar to be able to go. Emily
had been saving aluminum cans. She sold her DS. I sold a couple
of items around the house that we were no longer using.
And then, we got a nice income tax refund we used
to top off what we had been saving.
So, we didn't just up and decide to go to Disney World.
It was a really big deal for us to be able to go.
Emily got to meet some of her favorite characters.

 Sully and Mike
 These two guys...Phineas and Ferb
Emily just LOVES this show so she totally
LOVED getting to see them.
 Rapunzel from Tangled
And, of course, Gaston--from Beauty and the Beast.
This guy was so funny.
We enjoyed our trip very much. Now, don't misunderstand, we were VERY
tired. I think my honey and I are about too old for that much fun in such a short
period of time. LOL!
We were able to be there for four days, one day for each park.
We visited Magic Kingdom (Em and I's favorite), Hollywood Studios,
Epcot, and Animal Kingdom (honey's favorite)
It was a lot of fun. We hope to be able to go back again for Emily's
senior trip. (four years away) So, starting this week, we start using
the Disney jar again. :) I am going to try to save at least ten dollars each week out of my
weekly housing allowance for the next three years and then twenty each week the last year before we plan to go. Our goal is to try to stay next time at a Disney resort. ;) ***Hey, one can
dream, can't one?***
We have more pictures, but I haven't gotten them all uploaded. I may post more
We got lots of stuff going on right now. Next month, we are hosting a "Homeschool Formal Banquet" where our homeschoolers can get all dressed up, have a nice dinner, get pictures made, and have a great time in the Lord. We want it to be a special time for
them. There will no worldly music, immodest dress, or dancing. Just a nice evening
out to dress up and feel special while still honoring the Lord.
Then a couple of weeks later, we will be hosting our annual ladies meeting. So, we have
lots going on. And of course, we are heading into our last quarter of the school year
for Emily. I can't believe it, she will a FRESHMAN next year. Before I know it,
she will going to college. (I can't even think about it right now)