Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day
to my sweet daughter!
She's not crazy about candy
so we got her something else she'd LOVE!
We got her some black cowGIRL boots for Christmas
and she LOVES them and wears them
when I found the red ones, I knew they would be great
for Valentine's Day. As expected, she was thrilled.

And my sweet honey got me some Krispy Kreme's...which to
me is waaaayyyyy better than any candy! And guess what? Today...all
diets are off. And it's Filet Mignon for supper. WooHoo!
Happy Valentine's Day to You All!


Tammy said...

Filets are wonderful!

Tori said...

Love those boots! Glad she had a nice VDay. I'm thinking that Dove candy looks yummy!

Sissy said...

I LOVE her red boots. I have to admit I became a little envious of them. haha