Thursday, January 10, 2013

Prayer Journal

I was thinking about what Mrs. Cheryl said in her comment about writing things down
and I was reminded. Last year, I was doing some de-cluttering and ran across some
things from years ago. I can remember when I was first married that I used to write
things (prayer requests and needs) down in a book. Then, when the need was met or
the prayer was answered, I would write that down as well. In our early years, we had
some really "lean" times. Every tiny thing that we bought had to be budgeted and saved
for. (credit cards weren't so easily accessible back in those days) (but I think that made
us trust the Lord more--we couldn't just run out and get it by putting it on a credit card)
We had to be careful with our money. So, as I was perusing this old prayer journal, I
saw where I had written down things like

~need new tires
~Bret needs new glasses, etc.

See, what seems like a small thing was a big deal to us! And we really needed the Lord
to meet those needs. And then, out beside the need was the date when the Lord provided.
Now, I don't know about you. But, seeing that, and being reminded of when the Lord
DID provide and meet our needs was an encouragement to me. Because, I know that God
hasn't changed!!! He is the same....yesterday, today, and forever. So, I know that He can
and is willing to do the same again. NO MATTER WHAT THE NEED! This is, I feel
a great reason to write things down, to keep track. It's so easy, in the midst of a trying
time to feel like God is far away, or He doesn't care about our needs, or some other such
nonsense. But, when we can look back and see....NOT what He did for others...but what
He did for ME! Now that is encouraging. Just give it a try! Try for a while, then set
it aside and come back and look at it later. You might be surprised at what a blessing
to see how the Lord worked in your life.


Tammy said...

This is a great idea! I tend to keep a prayer journal off and on but I only cross off prayers that have been answered. I never thought to write down the date and how God provided it. What a great way to keep track. Sometimes God provides through others and sometimes it seem miraculous!

Peggy said...

I haven't kept a journel, but I have great memories of the Lord's provision. Barely making "ends meet", kids were in Christian school, but we always tried to honor God..tithing first, tuition, bills, then groceries, etc with what was left. The Lord has blessed SO much more than we deserve. Good then, good today! I mean great then, great today....still the same!

Cheryl said...

Thanks for the reminder! I used to do this, but got out of the habit. It is so encouraging to see how the Lord always provides.

Tori said...

I have started several journals but I just can't keep them up. I would love to because I've seen some many miracles it would have been nice to look back and see where and when. Anyhow, thanks for the reminder.

Tori said...

Hey Tammy, what's your MFP username? I'm ToriSLeslie