Monday, October 29, 2012

A Passion for Thee

Set my heart, O dear Father, on Thee, and Thee only
Give me a thirst for Thy presence divine
Lord, keep my focus on loving Thee wholly
Purge me from earth; turn my heart after Thine.
A passion for Thee; O Lord, set a fire in my soul, and a thirst for my God.
Hear Thou my prayer, Lord, Thy power impart
Not just to serve, but to love Thee with all of my heart.
Father, fill with Thy Spirit, and fit me for service,
Let love for Christ every motive inspire;
Teach me to follow in selfless submission,
Be Thou my joy and soul's one desire.
Words and Music by Joe Zichterman
Bro. Ryan sang this song last night. What beautiful words and what
a  beautiful message! I am afraid that sometimes we (I) get so lost in the
busyness of serving that we forget the most important thing...
to love Him with all our hearts.
This just kind of puts it all into perspective. There will always
be much to do. But our soul's desire, our PASSION, should be
on loving Him.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Hike to Coyote Point

A few of our church folk took a hike on a trail that is just up in the mountains above
our church. It was approximately 9 miles round trip. It was tough in places but definitely
worth it. Once up there, before heading back down the mountain, we prayed, collectively,
for our community. These are troubling times that we live in and if we ever needed to be
a praying people, it surely is now.
Here we are...BEFORE our hike began...eager and ready to go!

I am not in this picture but rest assured, I DID make the hike! lol
And along the way...
Stopping for a little break...

 The view was unbelievable
 My sweet honey and I...he was almost smiling...;)

And here is a pic of our group at Coyote Point (Peggy's daughter Joy was able
to go with us on the hike and she graciously offered to do a group pic)
And, here is one of me...I may never get to go back up there,
and besides...some might not believe I really made it! lol
(not sure why it is b&w--my honey took it for me)

The hike was fun...and tiring...but I am so glad that we
were able to go.
Lots of busy days week our church
is hosting the Wings Bearing Precious Seed yearly conference
so there is much to do to get ready for it.
There is always something going on 'round here!  :)