Friday, July 20, 2012

Busy, Busy, Summer Days

                             I've not much time for posting. As usual, our summers are BUSY.
So far, I've put over thirty jars of pickles, around twenty jars of
squash relish, and yesterday...I put up 95 ears of corn! That's not
even counting the 30 ears we've picked and eaten earlier in the week.
Plus, there are still a few dozen growing in the garden. Thank the
Lord for His great provision. We've had a terribly dry summer too.

We've not had many beans yet to speak of...but there are
some blossoms on the vines so we may have a few yet.
Love those fresh summer veggies!
It's a lot of hard work...but so worth it.


Peggy said...

Wonder woman*

Tammy said...

Wow! I thought we were doing good. We have two different types of pickles put up and sweet pickle relish too. We had cucumbers coming out our ears this year. Next year we will try to sell to the restaurants or local stores. We put up about 30 ears of corn in the freezer last night. Never done that before but we followed online instructions. Looking forward to our tomatoes getting ripe. We love to make and can salsa! While we were on our trip to bring Jenny home from Seattle, someone stripped all the green tomatoes off our plants and we had to wait for new growth. We were bummed but nothing can be done about it. We'd had 17 tomatoes on one plant of Oxhearts!

Tammy said...

I heard about some other people who had their garden's stolen from. That would have to be disheartening...all that work and someone else comes along and takes it all. Pretty crazy days we live in. I have not put up sixteen jars of beans (some quarts-some pints) Hopefully we'll have a few more.

Joyce Christine Colon said...

I was just taken by the fresh sweetcorn. It brought me very nice memories of my grandma's place:-)