Wednesday, June 13, 2012

VBS "Bug Zone" Night Two

Our second night of VBS went great! We had almost the same number of kids. Here are just a few pictures.

Here is a picture of "Bee", our bumbling, nervous, very "afraid of bugs" exterminator.

A couple of pictures during craft time.

 The junior boys class have been making model cars.

 Here are a couple of pictures of the table decorations Mrs. Barbara
did in the fellowship hall. Each table has it's own bug.

The snack for the evening was jello--adorned by WORMS!
Looks gross, I know! But the kids LOVED it!

The looks on their faces were priceless...especially the girls.
Still, they ate those worms up just as well as the boys. lol

Here is a silly 13 year old with a worm hanging out of her mouth. ;)

 Here are a few of our older teens who have been assisting this week.
So far, so good. I have a couple skits to post too, but didn't
get time to upload them yet.
Pray...if you will. Pray for these precious little children
that we have the privilege to be a blessing to this week.
May they never forget the week they spent here and especially
never forget about the One they have learned about.
Each one is special, each loved by the Savior, and
we are grateful to be able to tell them about Him.

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Tammy said...

What a cute outfit for Emily to use as the exterminator! too funny!