Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Spring Piano Recital

Emily played in a Spring Recital on Monday night. She didn't want me to video it, she thought it might make her nervous. She did play her song beautifully. I just love how much she is loving music. These days, she'll sit down and play almost everytime she walks by the piano.

I do have the song recorded (did it at home) and I will
upload it here soon. To hear one that she has been
working on independently, go back to my previous post.
It is one that she has been doing in recent days just for fun.
She paid for the music herself and has been teaching it to herself.
I am thrilled to see her loving to "read" music and watch
her progress as her sight-reading becomes so much better.


Peggy said...

So wonderful to keep her loving Godly music...and playing for the Lord's honor! Never can go wrong with that!!

Tammy said...

Amen to what Peggy said! May she always stick by Godly music and have a love for it.