Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day

We were so happy to be able to have most of my family come for a Memorial Day
cook-out. We were missing a few who had other plans but still we had several. We
began the day with eating, of course. Forgot to get the camera out for that. We also
played Corn Hole (with the wonderful set that was given us for Christmas by our
dear friends) I didn't pics here either. :/  (I would have but my
scroogie family was getting tired of me taking pictures) lol
I did, however, get a few pictures.

Both of my sisters loved Emily's swing.

 Holly swinging
 Robin swinging
 We did alot of just sitting around enjoying each others
fellowship. (We all live spread out so we don't get
to be together all that much)
 My brother-in-law Doug. ***Please pray for him, he is
having double bypass surgery tomorrow. :(
 Robin and Doug

After awhile, some decided to swim. It was very hot yesterday.
(Even the pool water was 90)
I think it is going to be a HOT summer!
 My sister Robin, Meg, Max, and Em

 I think these are Robin's toes! lol

 Emily trying to stay on the floatie! She was having a hard time. ;)

 Meg on the jet!

 She stayed on pretty good. It's kinda hard to balance that thing.

 Emily still trying to stay on...

 My honey doing something I RARELY ever see him do...just
sitting down resting. He works very hard so it does my heart
good to see him get a little down time.

 Holly getting ready to cut up a yummy watermelon.
(I just love watermelon in the summer~such a cool refreshing
treat on a hot, humid, east Tennessee day.)

 Momma taking over. Don't think she quite trusted Holly
with that knife! lol

 My beautiful neice, Meghan

And my little sister, Robin....looks like she was doing some thinking.
(If you look close, you can the cool Corn Hole set) :)

We had a great day! It was lots of fun and I was so glad that we
could all get together. We missed Daddy very much. I still
can't believe he is in heaven. Looking forward to
a reunion in heaven where we can be together with no
more sadness, sickness, or goodbyes.

And of course, we are thankful for all those who have served our country
so that we can have the freedoms with enjoy today.
Past, present, and future...may we offer our heartfelt thank you's for all you
have done and continue to do.
God Bless You!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Spring Piano Recital

Emily played in a Spring Recital on Monday night. She didn't want me to video it, she thought it might make her nervous. She did play her song beautifully. I just love how much she is loving music. These days, she'll sit down and play almost everytime she walks by the piano.

I do have the song recorded (did it at home) and I will
upload it here soon. To hear one that she has been
working on independently, go back to my previous post.
It is one that she has been doing in recent days just for fun.
She paid for the music herself and has been teaching it to herself.
I am thrilled to see her loving to "read" music and watch
her progress as her sight-reading becomes so much better.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

New Song Emily Has Learned on the Piano

Emily has been working on a new song. She is doing great, I think.
So pretty.