Saturday, April 14, 2012

Fitness Challenge

I can't say that I  have had the best week. All was fine until Monday.
We had achievement tests Monday and Tuesday. Those days I didn't
get my exercise. Eating was ok...

I did get to drink my water, no problem there. We ate out a couple of times.
The first time was pizza...didn't go much over 1200 (planned for it earlier
in the day)  Ate out again the next day... we've been doing a lot of running
around type errands....ate Chinese (this one is bad....there is just no
way--FOR ME-- to eat Chinese without blowing it...BIG TIME) I love
General Tso and Sweet and Sour Chicken but it's not the meat that gets me--it's
the Lo Mein noodles---which I LOVE---and the rice. These are just good
to pass up...but not best to eat if you're watching the carbs. (No, I am not
doing Atkins...I am just trying to limit the breads, carbs, and sugars--because
I lose better that way) So, I chalked it up to a "treat day". Trying to do better.
Haven't gained...but haven't lost. Oh well, if you want to make "life changes"
one has to be ready forwhat ever comes, deal with it, and then get back in
the groove.

And on a slightly different topic, I am excited. Next week, I hope to get
to meet a young missionary wife whose blog I have followed since I began
blogging. They are going to be stopping in at our church while on
deputation. I love this whole blogging thing! It's so fun.


Tammy said...

The reason we fall sometimes is to learn to get up, to humble ourselves and ask for help and for forgiveness and then to move on. Keep on trying! making diet changes to get healthier is so difficult because the things we crave cause a viscious cycle of craving, eating, and then craving again. Often we crave what is most harmful to us ---even what we are allergic or sensitive to. Glad you will get to meet a new friend face to face. I hope to someday come for a visit myself.

Tammy said...

Very nice comment, Tammy! Thanks. I do so hope that you get to visit someday. Maybe if ya'll get an opportunity to come to Pigeon Forge. We're only about an hour away from there. (Might even come and stay in our prophet room) ;)
Hope you have a great Lord's day.