Monday, April 30, 2012

Fitness Challenge Flop? I have to admit...I've not done all that great with the fitness challenge this month.
My goals were as follows with my results in red

Daily Goals:
1) Eat less than 1200 calories per day
Did great the first week, not bad the second week, the rest...not even close.2) Exercise 5 days each week
Did very well most of the time...we usually always walk every morning unless it's raining.3) Drink 6 to 8 glasses of water daily (which I normally do anyway)
This one I did GREAT at...since that is mostly all I drink anyway.
4) No sugar and very limited bread
This one I did very well the first week, but failed miserably the rest of the month! :(5) Load up on veggies (these are practically free eating)
I did try to eat lots of veggies...and I did...but I also ate other things that I shouldn't have.
6) Eat fruit, yes, BUT not go nuts...these have sugar too (and before anyone jumps on me here, I know that fruit is natural sugar, but we are talking calories, not organic, and believe me, I have fought this weight thing my whole life, I KNOW about these things) lol
I ate some fruit, didn't go overboard but since I was eating sugar and bread, it didn't matter anyway :(7) No diet soft drinks (or limited to eating out--as a treat) ( because even with artificial sweeteners, your body still thinks it's getting sugar and will respond's better to leave it off)
I haven't drunk an overly amount of soft drinks, but I did drink we ate out several times

Okay, so here are my excuses. The second week, we had achievement tests on Monday and Tuesday soI didn't get my grocery shopping done on Monday. (my usual day) Since I was unable to get my shopping done...I didn't have enough of the lower calorie foods in the house
I know, that is a pathetic excuse...but it's all I've got! lol
The next week, my baby girl turned 13! and she wanted to go to Pigeon Forge for a couple days. Since we were vacationing, it was very hard to be good...and guess what???? I wasn't! :(
But hey, we are not BIG vacationers...we don't go away I decided to just enjoy it.
This is a pretty good excuse...wouldn't you say?
And the last couple weeks...well let's just say it's been hard to get back in the groove. We've had different things going on at church...we've got our ladies meeting coming up this weekend...and I've
just had so much going on that it's been hard to think about it all. So, hopefully, after this weekend, things will be somewhat back to normal. (atleast as normal as things are for us) lol
But hey, no one said it had to be done in a month. I do hope to change our thinking toward eating healthier...and not just for myself but for our whole family. So, we'll just take our little baby steps and keep trying.


Cheryl said...

That's ok Mrs. Tammy, I like your excuses, they sound very much like mine. lol Oh well, it is better to have tried and failed than never to have tried at all.

Tammy said...

For us over the past few years we have slowly taken steps towards more healthy eating and by the way that doesn't always mean less calories. Check the calories on all the "healthy" cereal boxes! It means a better choice of those calories. Butter has more calories but is way better for a person than margarine or spreads! We have tried first to eliminate processed flours and sugar as much as possible at home. We have switched to whole grain breads and off and on whole grain pastas. Those taste ok but soak up more sauce so you need to add more sauce to make up for it. My big thing for getting healthier is the exercise part. I just feel so blah and tired so much of the time it is hard to do it. I know it would be better and I'd then have more energy if I just get started. But the work at Walmart was so physically demanding it just zapped me.

Tammy said...

I know what you mean about needing energy! We do exercise--either walking or biking every morning if it doesn't rain. That's the most important thing. Although I have to say...all this exercise...and no weight has come off. Exercising ALONE is just not enough for my husband and I to lose. We simply MUST keep a count of the calories we consume. Otherwise, we'd be much heavier than we are now. We have been exercising consistently since last July. My family is not crazy about whole grain bread. I did find a pasta that is white, but has the same fiber content as the wheat. It's a nice substitute but can be a little pricey. And in these economic days...we got watch those pennies too! I hope things are going well for you and for your church.

Tammy said...

Have you and your husband had your hormone levels checked? Often times that can be the culprit when losing weight is so difficult. I just went to a ladies day out at another church in our area that we went to before Bob surrendered to the ministry and the speaker was also a compound pharmicist that specializes in natural hormone replacement. She says that often times we struggle with weight (men & women) because of our hormone levels being off. We bought the $5 saliva kit for Bob first but are saving up to actually do it. It costs about $30 per hormone level to be checked. - for men she usually only checks two so they are only about $60 to get checked but women it is around $90 or so. Our hormones have alot to do with energy, weight, acne, libido, headaches and many other symptoms.

Tammy said...

Oh, also, I forgot to mention that I have a friend whose son is a fitness trainer in California and she told me that he has advised her that you must change up your exercise routine every few days (just add something new or do something totally different) in order to trick your body and muscles so that weight comes off and so that muscles are toned better. When walking find steps or a hill and do a burst of quick stepping for a few minutes to get heart rate up even more then slow down again. This causes aerobic exercise and therefore tricks the body into burning more calories. It has something to do with tricking your body. If you normally walk then do that a few days and then ride a bike for a few and then go back to walking while adding in some arm weights or jumping jacks or any little thing to change it up just a little for a few days.