Friday, March 23, 2012

FBC Youth Rally

FBC had a Youth Rally last night for our young people.
We had three preachers and lots of special singing.
It was a great service.

 Bro. Seth Stewart~ a young preacher from a
church in our town was one of the preachers.

 Mrs. Kristan and her boys sang a special song.

 Bro. Jonathan--our youth director--preached a wonderful
message on "Life's not always fair"
What do we do when we find ourselves in situations that
are seemingly not fair? We still have to deal with them scripturally.

 And last, but certainly not least, Bro. James Jones
from the Harriman Baptist Tabernacle preached for us.
He preached a tremendous message on
"Salvation is of the Lord".
It is always a blessing to get to hear Bro. Jones preach.

I had a couple of other pics too of some of the singing
but for some reason they didn't upload.
We had the youth group from Redemption Baptist Church
singing and of course, our youth choir sang as well.

It's been a great youth month. As the month comes
to a close, we just have a couple special things left to do.
Tonight, the kids will get together for food and fun
and then the teens plan to stay at the church for a lock-in.
They will watch the movie "Courageous" and play games
and more than likely stay up all night.

Then, Sunday morning kicks off our youth revival, with
Bro. Jonathan Davis preaching.
Looking forward to the Lord continuing to work in the
hearts of the young, and even some of us "not as young" ;)

Monday, March 19, 2012

Amazing Grace~ By Emily and Toni

Emily and her friend, Toni, played Amazing Grace
for Youth Month. I love seeing our young
people doing things for the Lord.
We have Youth Rally coming up on Thursday night and then
Youth Revival starting Sunday morning. It's been a great

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Homemade French Fries

A treat that my family just LOVES...homemade french fries!
I don't make them often...WAY TOO FATTENING!
I have tried to "healthy" them up by baking them, but
we love them so much fried that we just don't have them
often. But, when we do, we really enjoy them!

 I started with five smallish potatoes, scrubbed well.
Sometimes, if the skins are really thick, I will peel the
potatoes before cutting, but most of the time, we
like them with the skins on.
This cutter was a gift to us one Christmas from
one of our church families. I use it often.
Works very, very well.
You can have uniformly cut potatoes in a couple of
minutes. :)

 Here they are...frying! I've had this old Fry Daddy for years.
It's been a good one! It's moved with us atleast three times.
It just keeps on hangin' in there! (not much to look
at though)
And here they all their greasy, yummy, goodness!
I drain them on paper towels to get rid of some of the
excess grease...but they're still plenty greasy! Not healthy,
but delicious all the same. Sometimes, you just gotta live a little...

Sunday, March 4, 2012

FBC Youth Month Begin~ Youth Sunday Pt.1

Today begins another Youth Month at our church.
The entire month is dedicated to our young people.
There will be special things happening all during the
month. Special services, fun activities, a youth
rally, and ending the month with a youth revival.
Most importantly, we will focus this month
on praying for our young people. These are especially
difficult times for them.
Our month starts out with Youth Sunday, a day when
the young people take over and do the jobs the adults
usually do. 

 Ryder starts out the service leading the congregational music!

 Seth gave a wonderful devotion as Sunday School superintendent.

 Emily helped in Sister Peggy's class

 Becky was there for just a few minutes but
her nephew Zekkie didn't want his picture taken
so she helped out.

 Skylar helping her mother.

 Kelly and Alyssa helping in Mrs. Amy's class

 Ryder again~ Leading congregational music

 Eli getting ready to lead the choir

 Young men helping to receive the morning offering

 Bro Jonathan played theofferatory
(I have teased him all day about not
being"young" but since he is still
younger than me... he played! ;)

 Emily sang a solo this morning, "I Love You, Lord"
She did a great job. See the previous post to listen!

 And of course, our "young" preacher, Bro Jonathan Snow.
He is our youth director, teen class teacher, and so much
more to our church. He and his wife Becky have been
a tremendous blessing to our youth group.

There will  be a part 2~ Will be taking some more pics
tonight. So, stay tuned...

Emily Singing

Today is Youth Sunday at our church. Here is a video
of Emily singing a solo during the morning service.