Monday, February 27, 2012

What is a Country Girl?

Okay, this is a meaningless, silly post, but just something that
popped into my head this morning while poking around (wasting time)
on Pinterest.
I saw a decoration that I loved and repinned because it is
so country-looking. Therefore, I added a board called
Country Decor ~ That's Me
That, of course, got me to thinking about this long-standing
conversation (argument) that my husband and I have
never settled. What, pray tell, is a country girl?
My argument--
I was born and raised in the country.
In the boonies, if you will. I am talking at least 10 miles
to the nearest gallon of gas, milk, or bread.
Boonies!!! I grew up playing in the creek (but not all day because
truthfully I am more an indoor person that outdoor),
climbing trees, riding bikes, and going to a little country
That being said-- I was NOT raised on a farm. I never
said that I was a "farm girl". My dad was not a hunter
so we didn't eat wild meat. We didn't have a farm so
we didn't raise our own animals for meat. Therefore, I
never ate squirrels, rabbits, or even fresh beef.
We did however, raise a big garden, so I have
eaten country, homegrown veggies my whole life.
My husband's argument--
I've never really mucked out a barn, never ate
wild meat (until I married a deer hunter, and now
I can cook up some mean venison)
Never worked on fences, helped cut or stack
firewood, never did a lot of the things that
(in his mind) constitute what a country girl
would do.
Yes, I do prefer indoors to outdoors- but
still I can't be a city girl when I have NEVER lived
in the city.
So, I MUST be a country girl.

And of course, we never REALLY argued about
this...we have DISCUSSED it a few times.
I am just curious what someone else would


Peggy said...

Well, I say you're not a city

Becky said...

Maybe not as country as some others are but you're definitely not a city girl. Just cause you have not done a lot of those things does not mean that you are not as country as cornbread! ;) The first 11 years of my life was spent living in the city. Most of the places I lived had houses stacked all around you and the only place they knew to get a tomato from was the local grocery store. They definitely didn't know what to do with a cow! Yes, I was just a kid, but even then I knew that it was a whole different way of life as to living in the sticks where you could see nothing but cow pastures, hay fields, and gardens for as far as the eye could see. I lived in cities from Jacksonville, Florida to Barstow, California, and a couple others places as well.

I have lived in the sticks of TN since I was 12. I helped raise a garden, feed horses, cows, and pigs. Helped repair fences, haul hay, drive a tractor, and many of the other things you mentioned and trust me those things were far different from the life I had in the city! I'd WAY rather be a country girl than a city girl any day!

I know you know how to plant a garden, can the food from the garden, and cook beans and taters.

I know you can climb a tree, set in the stand, shoot a bow, and then cook the deer. Where would a city girl put her stand IF she knew what one was!

I know you understand the meaning of holler, dawg, britches, yonder, and jaeatyet?!

Just my thoughts... I'm with you though, it's not so much what you do that labels you as who you are! I love the country life and say there is NOTHING better!

If home is where the heart is then I say you are pretty doggone country!

Tammy said...

I think "country girl" is a heart thing. It can have something to do with things you have done but it more likely has more to do with where you feel more at home. Some people prefer crowds, busy streets, shopping and restaurants on the next block but some of us prefer seclusion and peacefulness and serenity away from all that.