Sunday, February 5, 2012

Prayers for Mom

Thursday, February 2, was one month since my precious
Daddy left us here to be with his heavenly Father.
While we know that Daddy is the happiest he's ever been
in the presence of his Savior, and we wouldn't want to
bring him back to the terrible suffering he was enduring here in his
last days, we still miss him terribly.
I spoke with Momma last night on the phone
and she has been very sad the last few days.
She is missing him so much...really, when you've spent
the last 49 years with could you not?
She says that she sees him everywhere she looks...he is
in every room. I know that these things take time, that
the Lord is gracious and will help her to make it
one day at a time. He has promised never to
forsake us, even in our darkest hours, so I know
that He is her comfort. But, I ask if you
have a moment, will you please pray for her?
Just for an extra measure of grace to get through
these days?


Kristi said...

Tammy, my heart breaks for your mom. My dad passed Oct 1, 2010. My mother is so sad too. She went through the same thing. Ended up changing their entire house, left town for a couple of months visiting her siblings, going on vacations with family. She just couldn't/can't bare staying at the house.
The one thing I could advise, is if you live close to her, visit her often. Have her for dinner more. Call her more, etc. It does get lonely, especially when you've lived with someone for so long and looking at your folk's picture, they look like they were very close.
Praying for your mama this morning and for you too! If you were a daddy's girl, like me, you're taking it very hard. It's been a year and four months and I still have breakdowns. Had one last night, as a matter of fact.
But God WILL give all that your mother needs and more. Just keep encouraging her.


Tammy said...

Thank you so much, Kristi, for your very kind words. I have tried to go to my Mom's house atleast once a week since Daddy left us. (We live an hour and a half away)and what with our homeschooling, it's almost impossible to get there more often than that. But, I call her almost every day. It's very sad to know how much she is missing him and hurting and knowing there is not much we can do for her except love her and pray for her. I appreciate so much your having taken time to comment. It was a blessing to me!

Tammy said...

I'll be praying for her and you.I understand how hard it is losing a parent.

Tori said...

Oh Tammy, I'm so sorry. I haven't been here in a while and I missed this. I'm so sorry for your loss.
I can't imagine the pain your Mama is feeling now. I'm praying for her.