Saturday, February 11, 2012

Emily Gets a Whole New Look

Okay...Emily gets a whole new look. Does anyone recognize the hair?
Ever since she saw the movie "Tangled" she has wanted
the hair style that Rapunzel had at the end, right after
Flynn Ryder chopped off her hair to save her.
She asked her Daddy then if she could cut her hair that
way and he said it was too short.
So, she talked him into it "IF" she did the same
cut but just a little longer.

Well, yesterday we finally did it.
And she LOVES it! I just hope that
we can get it to look as nice when we style it.
Although, as Emily says it's not supposed to be's that messy-sort of-scrunced-up look anyway.

I think it will be a nice change for her. She has very
thick hair and when it is longer it is very difficult
for her to maintain (keep the tangles out
and do a good job with the whole shampooing/rinsing thing)

She loves her new look. And her Daddy???? Well, you
know how Daddy's are with their little girls hair. He misses
her beautiful, long hair but he is a very sweet Daddy
who understands that this might be easier for her.
(Not to mention that this could even cut down on
shower time--which could cut down the water bill)
lol! Anyway, she's happy with it. I think it makes her look
too grown up. :(   It's the first time she has EVER changed
her hair this much. We layered it last year on her 12th birthday
but even then, it was long layers...past her shoulders. She had
her hair chin-length one time--but all one length.
Just thought I'd share...we've been so busy in recent days, there has not been
a lot of new things to blog about.


Tori said...

Aw wow, I'm sure she loves it! I kinda would like her hair before it was cut! :0)
Cute, and I love that shirt!

Tammy said...

Oh wow what a change but it looks very much like the movie!