Monday, February 27, 2012

What is a Country Girl?

Okay, this is a meaningless, silly post, but just something that
popped into my head this morning while poking around (wasting time)
on Pinterest.
I saw a decoration that I loved and repinned because it is
so country-looking. Therefore, I added a board called
Country Decor ~ That's Me
That, of course, got me to thinking about this long-standing
conversation (argument) that my husband and I have
never settled. What, pray tell, is a country girl?
My argument--
I was born and raised in the country.
In the boonies, if you will. I am talking at least 10 miles
to the nearest gallon of gas, milk, or bread.
Boonies!!! I grew up playing in the creek (but not all day because
truthfully I am more an indoor person that outdoor),
climbing trees, riding bikes, and going to a little country
That being said-- I was NOT raised on a farm. I never
said that I was a "farm girl". My dad was not a hunter
so we didn't eat wild meat. We didn't have a farm so
we didn't raise our own animals for meat. Therefore, I
never ate squirrels, rabbits, or even fresh beef.
We did however, raise a big garden, so I have
eaten country, homegrown veggies my whole life.
My husband's argument--
I've never really mucked out a barn, never ate
wild meat (until I married a deer hunter, and now
I can cook up some mean venison)
Never worked on fences, helped cut or stack
firewood, never did a lot of the things that
(in his mind) constitute what a country girl
would do.
Yes, I do prefer indoors to outdoors- but
still I can't be a city girl when I have NEVER lived
in the city.
So, I MUST be a country girl.

And of course, we never REALLY argued about
this...we have DISCUSSED it a few times.
I am just curious what someone else would

Sunday, February 26, 2012

In Honor of Our Pastor

Today, the Harriman Baptist Tabernacle is celebrating
Pastor Jones and Sister Sandra being with them
for thirty-five years. They have been faithful
servants of the Lord and loved their people
these many years.
And on a more personal note, they
have been some of the dearest friends that
we have had on this earth. They have loved
us, cared for us, been there for us through
some of the darkest and hardest days we faced.
They have laughed with us, cried with us, FED us
numerous times, and guided us, that we would
be ready when the time came for us to serve.
So, in honor of our dear pastor and his wife...
We love you so much, Pastor and Mrs. Jones!


Friday, February 17, 2012

Valentine's Day Banquet 2012

Just thought I'd share some pictures from
our Valentine Banquet at church.
Anytime I can get my family all dressed up
to get a picture made, I am happy.
(They really don't like to do pics)
We had lots of fun games, delicious food,
and a wonderful lesson about LOVE by Bro. Tony Clower.
So much fun...

 My Family

 Me and My Girls
(Emily--my daughter by birth and
Becky--my daughter by heart)

Me and My Forever Valentine

He really didn't want to do the "mushy" picture but
I pleaded and he relented. ( I had to promise to
be good the rest of the night) lol

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Emily's New Hobby

Emily decided a few weeks ago that she would like to
try to learn to ice skate. She has never been on skates
(other than one time on a field trip...but she never actually
skated) So this is a totally NEW thing for her. She did
a little research and found a place where she could take
lessons. She has had three lessons now and so far, she
is really enjoying it. It's going to take lots of practice.
The first day she must have fallen twenty times.--But she
took it well and learned the very valuable lesson of how
to get up when you fall. :)
The last lesson she had she only fell once! So, that
seems like a nice improvement. This season of
lessons will be for eight weeks. After that, we
may let her take some off and on.
I like to see her getting to do something like this
on occasion. She is having fun, making some
new friends (it's a homeschool group), plus
getting some great exercise.  

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Emily Gets a Whole New Look

Okay...Emily gets a whole new look. Does anyone recognize the hair?
Ever since she saw the movie "Tangled" she has wanted
the hair style that Rapunzel had at the end, right after
Flynn Ryder chopped off her hair to save her.
She asked her Daddy then if she could cut her hair that
way and he said it was too short.
So, she talked him into it "IF" she did the same
cut but just a little longer.

Well, yesterday we finally did it.
And she LOVES it! I just hope that
we can get it to look as nice when we style it.
Although, as Emily says it's not supposed to be's that messy-sort of-scrunced-up look anyway.

I think it will be a nice change for her. She has very
thick hair and when it is longer it is very difficult
for her to maintain (keep the tangles out
and do a good job with the whole shampooing/rinsing thing)

She loves her new look. And her Daddy???? Well, you
know how Daddy's are with their little girls hair. He misses
her beautiful, long hair but he is a very sweet Daddy
who understands that this might be easier for her.
(Not to mention that this could even cut down on
shower time--which could cut down the water bill)
lol! Anyway, she's happy with it. I think it makes her look
too grown up. :(   It's the first time she has EVER changed
her hair this much. We layered it last year on her 12th birthday
but even then, it was long layers...past her shoulders. She had
her hair chin-length one time--but all one length.
Just thought I'd share...we've been so busy in recent days, there has not been
a lot of new things to blog about.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Prayers for Mom

Thursday, February 2, was one month since my precious
Daddy left us here to be with his heavenly Father.
While we know that Daddy is the happiest he's ever been
in the presence of his Savior, and we wouldn't want to
bring him back to the terrible suffering he was enduring here in his
last days, we still miss him terribly.
I spoke with Momma last night on the phone
and she has been very sad the last few days.
She is missing him so much...really, when you've spent
the last 49 years with could you not?
She says that she sees him everywhere she looks...he is
in every room. I know that these things take time, that
the Lord is gracious and will help her to make it
one day at a time. He has promised never to
forsake us, even in our darkest hours, so I know
that He is her comfort. But, I ask if you
have a moment, will you please pray for her?
Just for an extra measure of grace to get through
these days?

Thursday, February 2, 2012

New and Interesting Blog to Read

My cousin's wife just started a new blog to share in their families'
adoption experience. I thought that I would share the blog with you.
They are a very sweet family with a desire to share their love and the
love of God with a child from a foreign land.

To learn more about their story, here is the link