Friday, December 16, 2011

The Greatest Gift of All!

After reading Tammy's comments on my previous post,
I began thinking about my parents and the legacy that they have
left for me and my sisters. You see, my parents raised us
all of our lives to know and love the Lord with all our hearts.
We were raised to put God first in our lives...there was never any
question on Sunday morning, IF we were going to church today.
We were! They taught us that the Lord should be our priority. They
taught us that if you live your life for the Lord, that the Lord will
always be with us, that He would never forsake us, and He hasn't!
Some may ask, then, why? Why would God allow someone
who has lived for Him and honored Him with his life, to
go through such suffering and pain?
Unfortunately, we do not live in a perfect world. There will always
be pain and suffering here. God has not promised us that
we would never go through hard things. But, He
has promised us that He would never forsake us, that
He would carry us through the hard things. There are lots
of Biblical examples of good people who went through very
diffiicult and trying circumstances. I'll mention just a couple.
Joseph is one of my favorite Bible characters. Josesph's brothers
did some terrible things to him and thus began a whole series
of terrible events, over the course of many years time, and
Joseph was innocent of wrongdoing. But, God had a
purpose for allowing him to face those things. If Joseph
had gotten bitter or angry against God, and turned his back
on Him, the work that God had for him to do (many, many years
down the road) wouldn't have been accomplished.
And Job, Job had no idea about the conversation that
had taken place between God and Satan about his
being a strong, dedicated man. All he knew was
one day he was living for God, and the next day
his world was torn apart. But, the Lord used
this time to help Job to grow and know the Lord
better than he ever had before. 
I do know, the Lord has been very good to our family.
He has met financial needs, he has given strength and
help in ways that only He could.
Daddy and Momma both love the Lord. They have
lived for him faithfully for many years.
They have a home prepared for them in heaven.
In this, I have comfort and peace. I know that
a separation here will only be temporary. I will see
them again. One day, we will be together again,
never to be separated. A wonderful family reunion in
We don't have to grieve as those who have no hope!
It's not to say we don't grieve...just to say not as them with no hope!
We do have hope! We have a promise to be with the Lord
forever in the home He's prepared for us! But first,
one must accept Him as Lord and Savior!
I have accepted Him, and I believe with all
my heart, that my parents have accepted him.
Their lives have been a testimony of that.
But, if there are some who have not lived their
lives for the Lord, if He has not changed their
hearts ( to where your heart yearns toward Him and
not toward the things of the world-- to where
you have a change of take sides with
God against yourself, realizing that you are an unworthy sinner
in need of a Savior) then
these can't find hope and peace in looking forward
to a reunion in heaven. Because unless you've accepted
Christ, you won't be there!
This is the Christmas season...a time when we celebrate Christ' birth.
Why do we celebrate the birth? Because He didn't just come as
a babe in a manger! He came to die! Because the human
race needed a Savior! Because without a Savior there would
be no HOPE for any of us to go be with Him in heaven.
In the busyness of these days, the greatest gift anyone could
receive would be the gift of salvation. If you haven't received
this gift, there is no other that matters.

I guess this post was a little scattered...or random, as my sweet daughter
would say. :) But, I just had some things on my heart, and hopefully
someone who reads might understand what I am trying
to say. I would love to hear of someone receiving the greatest
gift of all this Christmas, the gift of the Savior!


Peggy said...

This is so great, my precious friend...VERY well said. I love you~

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Cheryl said...

I think you said it perfectly. Praying for you and your family. Love you!

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very good! I love you. :)