Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Family Traditions

We began a tradition on Emily's first Christmas. We would
get her an ornament that commemorated something that
she loved the most that year. Kind of like a walk down
memory lane. :)
 These pics start with this year and move backwards
(because I uploaded them backwards...oopsie!) lol

 She loves Superman this year! She even got
to visit the Superman museum in Metropolis, IL.!
She also loves Smallville (which is supposed to be
Superman when he was a teenager***for any who
recognize this show----we only watch it with Clearplay***
we do not endorse it otherwise!)

Last year, she got all into the Mandie book and movies.
We couldn't find an ornament with Mandie on it so we bought an
ornament ball that you could put a picture in. Ta da!

I actually got these next two
reversed. We got her the Disney prncess
castle ornament the year of her ninth Christmas
because we visited Disney World earlier in the year.

She loved the Tinkerbell movie her tenth year.

This was her eight Christmas~ she loved Barbie Island Princess

Her seventh Christmas~ She loved Barbie and The Twelve Dancing Princesses

This sixth Christmas~ she loved Spiderman!
(What is it with this girl and her superheroes?)

And yet another Barbie movie~ her fifth Christmas she loved
the Princess and the Pauper

Her fourth Christmas~ she loved Dora the Explorer!
(now she wants to hide this one and not put it on the tree--but
Mama stands firm! whether or not she likes her now--she
loved her once) lol

Her third Christmas she didn't anything in particular so we picked
out a very cute ornament with her name on it.

Her second Christmas~ She loved Toy Story!

Her first Christmas~ we found a very cute Precious Moments ornament
Booties that say Baby's First Christmas!

And of course, when she marries, she will take all these with her!
Kind of a sweet tradition, we've had so much fun doing!
In the early years, I would be the one trying to
decide what she loved best all year. Now, she has
a blast deciding and then we have lots of fun
looking for just the right one!

And of course, here is where it all began!
If there hadn't been a First Christmas Together in 1984
for a nice young couple named Bret and Tammy,
there would never have been an Emily to begin
with. Just thought that I'd share MY favorite ornament too! 


Peggy said...

VERY sweet!!

Cheryl said...

Nice tradition! She will have 30 or 40 ornaments for her tree when Pastor finally lets her marry.

Tammy said...

Great idea. Wish I'd have done that. You found some cute ornaments.

Tammy said...

You are so right, Mrs. Cheryl! She may even have more than that! ;) lol. He says she can start talking on the phone to boys when she is
40! It has been a fun tradition for her. She starts talking about what ornament she is going to get in early fall every year.