Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I'm Still Here

It may not seem like it...but I am still here. Life in our family
has been very busy in recent days. What with the homeschooling,
church activities, etc. I've also had some issues with my computer
not wanting to cooperate and so, the few times that I have actually
tried to post something, it wouldn't work for me. Grrrr...

But, I do plan to try to do better blogging soon. Got plans to get
the puter fixed up...soon. Will hopefully, in the very near future
be getting high speed internet at home.

Now, just before signing off... I would like to ask prayers for my
parents. Daddy is very, very sick right now--and has been for the
last several weeks-- well months, really. I haven't updated on his
health, mostly just because I am just don't feel like talking about
it much. But, he desperately needs prayers, and so does Mom,
as she is exhausted trying to care for him.

I appreciate everyone who reads my blog ( if after all this time any
one is still there)