Friday, September 16, 2011

The Ducks I See On My Morning Walk

Aren't they just adorable? I see these little guys every

morning (weather permitting) when my husband and I do

our morning walk. Getting to see them always makes my day...

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Remember...and Pray

Today commerates a very sad day in our nation's history.

Please take a few minutes of your time today to pray

for the families affected by this tragedy ten years ago.

And, pray for our great nation...that she will be a beacon

of light for a world in darkness...that she will

continue to stand for truth and right....

to firmly stand as

"one nation under God"

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Back to School's that time of year! Time to get "back to school".

HOMESCHOOL, that is. :)

Here is a smiling Emily...and don't let that smile fool you...she really wasn't

all that happy at the moment. (She was doing Math) ( and just

for the record, she is GOOD in Math, she just doesn't ENJOY it)

She prefers READING to CYPHERING, so to speak.

We are switching to Saxon math this year, having used

ACE since kindergarten. We are still using ACE in most

of her other subjects (with the exception of Spelling, in which

we use Abeka) She is an excellent student. She does very

well academically, both in her school work as well as on

standardized testing.

I have listened to a lot of arguments concerning ACE versus

other curriculum, and I understand their points. (ACE

DOES start out slowly, progressing much more after say, 5th grade)

That does not bother me, though, because, as I said, Emily does

VERY WELL on the standardized testing...WHICH IS NOT BASED


So, to put this to rest once and for all...I LOVE ACE, it has

taught my daughter well. It is manageable, as far as it not

taking MY whole being designed for the student

to learn from the curriculum. I just have to oversee her work,

be sure that she is being quizzed properly

and understanding the concepts.

PLUS, it is very affordable, much for affordable than

some of the others.

One of the very nicest things about homeschooling is that

one has the freedom to use various means and methods to teach

their children, to insure the best education for them.

And of course, every parent must choose the method that

best works for them. It's our choice! I guess the

thing that BUGs me, at times, is that

ACE gets criticized...before all the facts are in.

You can't (correctly) make an assumption based

on the early must look at the WHOLE picture.

How well do these students do when they go to college?

Most of the ADULTS that I know (who were ACE educated) that have gone to

college have done exceptionally well.

Anyway, whichever curriculum you choose, it is

a blessing and honor to still have the freedom that

we have in our country to be able to educate our

children in our homes.

(Aside from kindergarten, Emily has never been taught

by anyone else outside our family)

She will be taught to live by our standards and convictions

until she goes to college or gets married. And by then, LORD willing,

she will have grown in the LORD spirtually enough that she can

stand strong in her faith ON HER OWN.

This is our ultimate goal~ that she love the LORD with all her

heart and live for Him all the days of her life.

Wow! I don't know where all that came from...was only planning to

post a pic! lol :)

But, there you have it...