Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Our Summer "At a Glance"

Well, so much for good intentions! I promised myself I'd be

a better blogger during summer vacation, but I am afraid I

haven't been. So, for a little catching up of what we've been up too...

Emily has recently gotten "into" Superman! Her daddy bought

her the first season of The Adventures of Superman ( the old

tv show made in the 50's starring George Reeves) From there

it has blossomed. She REALLY loves it!!!! So, of course, when

she found out that there is a tiny town in Illinois called

Metropolis that has a Superman statue and museum, she

BEGGED us to take her.

Her daddy was invited to sit on an ordaining council

for a missionary friend heading out to be a church-planter in Montana,

AND since the ordination service would be in Paducah, KY,

just a few miles from Metropolis, IL, we did INDEED take her.

It was really just a tiny little town, but it did have some COOL superman


Even Super-Cola's...LOL!

We got to see some props from the tv show in the museum.

Emily with the statue of Noel Neill ( Lois Lane in

the Adventures of Superman)

Emily with a wax figure of Clark Kent--along with some props.

While we were in Paducah for the ordination, a very nice

family in the church invited us and another preachers family

to stay in their lake house. What a beautiful place to stay!

What do you think?

After arriving home on Saturday evening, we then prepared for

our annual July 4th celebration at our church.

We always have a special fellowship dinner to commemorate the holiday.

As usual, Mrs. Barbara decorated everything beautifully.

Decorated table

Bro Don and Sis. Helen Putz

Courtney :)

Getting ready to chow down

Folks fellowshipping...we are aptly named! ;)

Little cutie pie...Micah! He is just such a sweetie!

Guys playing ball in the gym.

The next few pics were taken on Monday, the 4th.

My sister and her husband invited all the family to

their house for a cookout. I forgot to bring my camera

so I had to use my phone. That's the reason the

pics are so icky looking.

Mom and Dad

I was so glad that Daddy was able to be there.

He just finished his second round of radiation

since being diagnosed with cancer again

last winter. He is still taking chemo.

He hasn't felt at all well in recent days

so it was extra special for them to be there.

First cousins...Max and Emily

They didn't plan to dress alike but

I guess "great minds think alike"

They had lots of fun playing together. They live

almost two hours apart so they don't get a lot of

time to play together.

The Brothers-in-Law cooking...they did a great job!

My "little" sister Robin and I

Anyone notice my new hair?

Newly permed and highlighted...I just thought that

I would make life a little simpler this summer. It's actually

been almost ten years since I've had a perm. Takes a little

getting use to...all that BIG hair again...but I have to's

much easier and faster to fix (which is definitely a good thing)

***And please excuse the bony knees--I wore culottes that day(which I

rarely do in public) and obviously I need a lesson in modesty***

( I am always trying to get Emily to sit modestly and

here I am the one showing my knees) Oh well...

Anyway, we've had a busy BUT fun summer so far.

Can't wait to enjoy the rest of it. I just wish we could

slow it down's going WAY too fast!

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Tammy said...

Wow! what a great trip. Emily sure got to take in lots of Superman! and the place you stayed was awesome. I noticed your hair. It looks good. I've been wanting a change too but don't know what yet so I'm waiting.