Friday, June 17, 2011

The View From My Laundry Room Window

Finally, after a few VERY hot days, we

had our pool put up. (We thought about

doing it ourselves, but thought better of it)

I am really glad too, because the guys who installed

it are pros, they really knew what they were doing--which

is a good thing since during the installation we ran into a few

glitches. All is well, though, because when you hire someone

who knows what they are doing, they can figure out how to

make it work.

First off, I found a used pool on Craigs List for $150.00. Yay!

Then, I ordered a new liner and some accessories on the

internet. Then, of course, we had to wait a few weeks to

save money to hire the installers.

Here goes...

Going up...

Getting there...notice Emily in the background checking
out the progress...she is getting excited! :)

See my pretty liner? I just LOVE it! It is really a dark blue...darker

than it looks in the picture. I have learned that the darker your liner, the

more sparkly it looks with the sun shining down on it.

What I now see when I look out my laundry room window!

I know, I need to take a picture outside, not inside! lol IS a little smaller than what we had before.

Our pool at our other house was a 24 round and this one

is 18 round, but since our yard is smaller in back we thought

this was better. But, it is plenty sufficient to cool off on these

hot, humid, east Tennessee days! I expect that Emily and I

will be doing lots of swimming in the days to come.

(Her Daddy doesn't like to swim much, which is even

more of a blessing that he allows us to spend the time,

money, and energy to have a pool--although he will probably

get in with us a time or two this summer)

(When, I get the opportunity, I will post some better pics)