Friday, May 20, 2011

Faith's Bridal Shower

Our ladies had a bridal shower for Faith this past

Sunday. She got lots of nice gifts. She will be

married later this summer.

Our lovely bride-to-be~ Miss Faith Sparkman

Faith with her pretty cake

Isn't it beautiful? I am sure it was delish too, but since

I am (again) dieting...I skipped the cake and just ate veggies

from the vegetable tray.

I gave a short devotion on

"How I Can Be a Godly, Subjected Helpmeet Who Reverences Her Husband"

Hopefully, my text was shorter than my title. ;)

Faith and her buds

Faith liked this because it "coordinated" with

her outfit! Guess her working at Cato is taking over

her thinking! lol

I told Faith that this KitchenAid mixer would look great

in my kitchen but she didn't fall for it. (She did say

that I could come over to her house to use it) :)

Doesn't she look so cute and "housewife-ee"?

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