Monday, May 16, 2011

Beau~Tea~Ful In Christ

I promised a few pictures of our Ladies Meeting.

Please accept my apologies for the delay in posting but WOW...has

it ever been busy the last few days! Our meeting was

on Saturday, May 7th, which incidentally was the

same weekend as Mother's Day.

Anyway...the theme for our meeting was

"Beau-Tea-Ful in Christ".

I've always LOVED teapots so I thought

this was a great time to use them as

a decorating theme.

Sister Barbara, who does most of our

decorating and event organizing, did a

fabulous job of "running with" the teapot

idea. She borrowed teapots from several ladies, along

with scarves and doilies, and decorated each table

with them. So, not only did we get to use them

for our theme, we also got to enjoy looking at

some very unique and pretty teapots!

Barbara decorated the fireplace mantile with mirrors, a

lovely doily and fresh flowers from her very own garden.

Here is one of the tables decorated.

Take a look at our door prize table! Our ladies are great

about donating very nice prizes! There was a nice

variety of items, and every lady who attended got

a great gift!

We were very appreciative of Faith, who was able to

do our music this year. ( Last year, we tried using

pre-recorded music--since most of our special music

at church uses male musicians--unfortunately, we

aren't very used to "canned music" and we weren't

satisfied with how our music turned out)

Anyway, she was having a bridal shower later in the

afternoon but thankfully, she was able to "squeeze" us in.

And so, the music was MUCH better this year! :)

A picture of Sister Barbara and Sister Faye...both of whom

are invaluable. They both worked very hard in getting

the decorations and food ready for the day.

Our Theme

I couldn't get a very good pic of this but I tried. ;)

Sister Teresa Francis made this beautiful necklace

for our meeting. It had the words "Beautiful in Christ" embossed

on it with a tiny teapot charm attached. It truly was beautiful.

We used this as a gift to the pastor's wife who brought the most

ladies. ( I actually could have won this--but like a good moderator--

I disqualified myself) But, oh, how I LOVED this necklace! :)

A random picture taken before the meeting started. this one needs to be explained.

One of the skits that we were doing was a "Chocolate Fever", a

Patch the Pirate song. A dear lady in our church was to have

been the soloist on the verses but their family had

a sudden, unexpected, trial come up at the last minute

that caused her to not be able to do the skit. Since I

was the only person familiar enough with the song, guess

who got to do it???? Now, being in the skit would have

been bad enough, but then, the logistics of getting from

the podium, into the skit clothes, doing the number,

and then back to the podium proved to be quite a challenge.

We made it, though, and I have to admit, it was fun!

I am sure that I looked quite silly while I was suffering

from "chocolate fever"! ;)

Emily, Courtney, and Faith were singing the chorus

of "Chocolate Fever" .

Here I am addressing the ladies during the meeting.

We had Sister Peggy and her two lovely daughters Joy

and Kristan to do our special singing. They did a tremendous job!

We loved having them all together for the meeting.

Sister Rebecca Whittenbarger, the pastor's wife from

North Rockwood Baptist Church, in Rockwood, TN

was our special speaker. She gave us a wonderful

and thought-provoking devotion on how to be

a beautiful lady in Christ.

Here is a picture of myself with Sister Peggy and her daughters.

It was a very special meeting. After last year's

meeting being as good as it was, I wondered if we

would be able to be as much of a blessing again.

I heard many, many comments from ladies who

attended and I believe that it did, indeed, turn

out to be just as good. We are so excited. Now, we

have to start praying about next year! (I've already

got the speaker scheduled...and I promise, she will

really be a treat! I am already looking forward to it)

I may have a few more pics to add later. We had

another skit that was absolutely hilarious but I don't have any

pictures of it yet. ( Soon, I hope)

So, be looking for a few more pictures in upcoming days.

Also, we had a bridal shower for Faith in the afternoon

yesterday. I will posting the pics of the shower soon too!

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Tammy said...

Oh everything looks lovely! What a great time it looks like everyone had. I am doing a Ladies and Little Ladies Tea Party on June 11. The theme is "Slip on Your Heels and Follow". I will use high heels to decorate.