Friday, April 8, 2011

Our homeschool group went on an interesting field trip today.

It's called "The Minister's Treehouse". It was totally

FREE...which, of course, is great. But, I just

could NOT believe this place. It was amazing! There is

absolutely no way to describe it. On the inside, there

are so many rooms, even a chapel! And, for my

adventure-seeking daughter, it even had secret passage ways!

Fun, fun, fun!

Notice the branches coming in and out of the windows?

It was built around and using six trees, I believe.

What do you think?

And now, I would like to ask that anyone who

reads my blog, to please...

Pray for a dear family in our church who

very tragically lost a loved one today.

Their hearts are grieving and we feel

so helpless to bring comfort. All we can

do is pray for the "God of all Comfort"

to bring peace, hope, and help in their grief.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Spring, Squirrels, and Stacks of Wood

Don'tcha just love Spring?

Emily and her Daddy got me this little squirrel feeder

for Christmas and I just LOVE to watch the squirrels eat!

They are so cute and so funny! They just climb

all over this tree, and my word, can they ever eat?

I think I am feeding EVERY squirrel in our neighborhood! :)

Now, as for what we've been up to????? I know it's been forever

since I've posted. The truth is, I have been fighting this

upper respiratory/cold/sinus thing for over a month now.

I can't seem to shake it! Hopefully, though, I am on the

upswing now. In between the "croupy cruddies",

we have doing WOOD. We have cut, split, and stacked

a TON of wood. We are going to have lots of

wood to burn next winter ( and probably a few winters)


In our estimation, we have approximately 18 rick of wood.

And lest you think, that we went completely overboard,

the REASON that we have sooooo much wood is because

of this....

Remember the trees that we had cut in our backyard?

We had NINE trees cut. Some were leaning

over the top of the house, some were almost

rotten and just needed to come down.

Here is the backyard now...we just need to remove the

stumps, do alittle filling in of the holes, and some

leveling and then the yard will be in much better

shape. We had to let our pool go with

the other house when we sold it, so we have

been on the lookout for another one.

After much looking, we found one on Craigslist.

It was a great deal. Just need to get a new liner

and set it up. But, FIRST, we gotta finish this yard...