Sunday, February 27, 2011

Youth Sunday 2011

Today was Youth Sunday at
Fellowship Baptist Church!

On Youth Sunday, the young people

fill in in various capacities. It was

a wonderful day...and such a blessing

to see our young people serving God.

Last week, I promised some pictures so

here we go.

Faith Sparkman filled in for me on the

piano today. She did a great job!

Logan Adkisson led the congregation singing!

Seth Francis did the devotions before Sunday School.

Some of our young people also filled in during the

Sunday School classes...but I didn't get any pictures

of these... :(

Here are some young men getting ready

to receive the tithes and offerings.

The Youth Choir

Skylar Adams accompanying the piano for Youth Choir.

( Our youth choir doesn't use "music" for their

singing, and since I play by ear, I had to

play for them~even though I could not even come

come close to being called a "youth". ;)

Courtney Collins as she sings her verse of

"I Have Been Blessed"

Emily singing her verse of "I Have Been Blessed"

Bro. Benjamin Cooley preached the morning message.

Eli Byrge lead the choir

Eli did a great job directing the choir

Emily played the evening's offeratory.

She played "Let the Lower Lights Keep Burning".

She did a great job! She is really getting good on the piano.

Makes a Momma proud! :)

Bro Jeremiah Cooley preached our evening message.

Notice any resemblance? These two young preachers are

twins! They have preached in our church several times

over the years and they always do a great job.

It was a blessing to have them in the services with us

today. (Incidentally, Bro. Benjamin will be marrying

one of our young ladies this coming Saturday)

What a wondrous day to be in house of the Lord!

The Lord moved in a special way and it

was, I think, the best Youth Sunday we've

had yet. ( Of course, I think that I say that

every year) ;)

My husband made a statement this morning

that sums it up best. We love to go

watch our young people take part

in many activities. From going

to football games, basketball games,

even 4-H speeches...we have tried

very hard to be supportive of them in all

they do. But nothing, and I do mean NOTHING,

can compare to seeing them serve and worship God.

Just sets one's heart to bubblin...


Peggy said...

O yes! I loved, loved, loved it too! I just love them all! Love my church!!

Tammy said...

Amen! What a blessing!