Thursday, January 27, 2011

My New Kitchen

Drum roll please...
Here they are! Finally...the pictures of my
new kitchen!
I posted a few of what it looked like before
~just in case you forgot how UGLY this room was~

It had yucky cabinets, some sort of ugly laminate, and
the door was on the side wall.

New look...sorry the lighting wasn't great...but here you go!

We still have to install the new microwave over the range.
This will free up the counter space by the dishwasher.
We got a GREAT deal on the range.
It is a double oven. So, I can bake something at 45o degrees
and another something at 350 degrees, if I want.
How cool is that? And the greatest part....we got
it for the same price as the lower priced models.

Notice the little "cubby cabinets"? I just LOVE these!
I have one in each corner. One, I use for putting
small appliances like my can opener, toaster, food processor, etc.
The other, I use for snack foods and stuff that we eat often
like bread, crackers, and cereal.

Looking in from the hall

Looking out toward the hall.
I wanted an island, but the cabinet man
said I didn't have room. I compromised
by getting a bar on the back side of this cabinet.
In the end, I really liked this better.
Remember this ugly closet ( where the washer and dryer
hook-ups were)
We turned one of the small bedrooms into a laundry
room (pics soon coming) so that
we could use this tiny closet for a pantry.

A look inside
I really love my pantry! This MAY be my favorite part
of my kitchen...
Anyway, my new kitchen is all I wanted it to be.
We still have a few little things to do but
we're getting there!


Stephanie said...

Wow, Wow, Wow! All those cabinets. The pretty counters...the pantry! I love it all!

Gail said...

Very nice. Enjoyed the update. I know you are very happy. Gail

Tori said...

Wow, it's awesome!!! You guys did a wonderful job. That's a cooking kitchen for sure!!

Seriously Though said...

Hello from a stranger. I think this is so cool. I need a kitchen redo and this is inspirational to me. Very pretty.

Susan said...

I love your kitchen!!! I'm so happy for you - the Lord is good to give us some fun things, huh?!

Tammy said...

I LOVE IT! THAT IS SOOOO AWESOME! LOL too cuz I lived in a house once that had those cubby cabinets and used them exactly how you do! Great minds do think alike! I used to love how it hid the toaster and stuff and kept them out of the way unless being used.

Completely7 said...

I love it. The color, the cabinets, all. Congragulations. Helen

Scott and Kristan said...

Absolutely gorgeous!! It's a totally different house...beautiful. ~ Kristan