Friday, December 31, 2010

Wow! New Year's Eve Already???

I cannot believe the year is over already. I
remember when I used to hear "old folks" say
that time goes faster as you get older and I could
never quite understand what they meant. These,
days, I know EXACTLY what they meant! lol

So, where to begin? First, with an apology for
not having posted any new pics of our house.
It's not that we haven't been working on
and (get this) FINISHING UP, it's just
that we have been so busy, I just haven't taken
the time to take any new ones. Soon, I promise!

I wasn't much in the mood for decorating for
the holidays with so much going on--but you
know how it is with kids, they REALLY love
all that. So, we kept our tradition of putting
up the tree the day after Thanksgiving. This
was also the day we found out Daddy had
now gotten cancer in his spine. So, for me, it
wasn't the happiest day to be decorating and
such, but admittedly, it take my mind off it
for awhile. During December our church has
lots of things going on--just like every other
church, I am sure, so I am not going to "whine"
about that. Just suffice it to say, that with the
busyness of the month, it was hard to accomplish
all that needed to be.

We had hoped to host the christmas festivities
for "my side" of the family at our house this
year~you know, so everyone could see our new
house, but it didn't work out. Daddy had just
finished his radiation and was making small
improvements when he developed a blood clot
in his lung and was hospitalized for five days while
they tried to get it under control. He had just
gotten to come home two days before our christmas
plans would take place. So, we just decided to keep
it at our parents house this year. However, we were
able to have my husband's mother and brother for
dinner on Christmas Eve. It was the first time in a
long time that they have been to our house. (they live
almost two hours away) Anyway, it was a very nice
visit. Then, on Christmas Day, we just kind of lounged
around the house, taking it easy, and enjoying our
"white" christmas, the first one in many years for
our area.

As for an update on Daddy, we still do not have
any REAL answers as far as his condition. Radiation
is complete, there may be some chemo in his future,
we are really not sure. Trying not to be critical of his
doctors~ they HAVE been very good about helping try
to get his pain manageable~ but quite honestly, dealing
with them has been frustrating, at best. Each time
we see them, they tells us something different. My
mom is going to take him to see his regular doctor
next week and we hope that maybe he can get him
in to see some kind of specialist. For now, he is very,
VERY sick. He has lost a lot of weight, and he STILL
has a very painful, hacking, cough that no one has
been able to explain. I do still ask that you continue
to pray for my parents. For Daddy AND for Mom.
She is trying her best to care for him but she is
exhausted too! It pains me to see both them facing
such trials.

And, finally, for the upcoming year? I am soooooo
looking forward to some normalcy in our lives. I
am not even sure I remember what it feels like. :)
Looking forward to things like...doing "regular"
house work, cooking, homeschooling (with less distractions)
and trying to get our new home looking like a
"real" home. Looking forward to being able to
have a schedule that we can really go by, and being
able have normal chores for Emily to get used to
again. Looking forward ( and I canNOT believe I am
saying this) but looking forward to getting on a diet
of some sort ( this building project-- not having a
working kitchen was a challenge--has been VERY
BAD for our waist lines) So, I am looking forward to
getting this family eating healthy, well-balanced meals,
and to all of us getting some exercise. I am looking
forward to spending more time on my blog and actually
posting several times each week, instead of the way
it's been of late. And lastly, BUT PERHAPS I SHOULD
HAVE MADE THIS ONE FIRST, I am looking forward to
having more time to spend in the Word of God, in prayer
and fellowship with my Lord, and just "refreshing" myself
in the things of God.

2010 was a good year! No, a GREAT year for our family.
The surgery on Daddys bladder went beautifully and he
and Mom had several good months before this last bout of
sickness~ and for that, I am thankful! My family was able
to get a "new-to-us" house that I am very much planning
to enjoy FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE!!!!!! :)
The Lord has been so good to me, and to all of my family.
There are some who still need the Lord to work in their
hearts! Still praying for them...

I hope you can make sense of my "scattered" thoughts
this morning. I am still here. And hopefully, very soon,
I will have some pics of our "finished" house!