Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Update on Daddy

My dad has been doing great since they removed his cancerous
bladder and made him a new one. He has done remarkably well
with the transition. A few weeks ago, he began having some back
pain. First his doctors treated him for shingles, then they said he
might be experiencing a different kind of arthritus than what he
already has, then in the last couple weeks, they said it was a pulled
muscle. During all of this, he got a cold, which left him with a very
bad cough. He hasn't been able to cough much, though, due to the
severe pain in his back. On Thanksgiving night, after all of us kids
had gone home, he had a bad coughing spell, and felt something in
his back "pop". Mom called 911 and they took to the hospital in
the ambulance. It was there that we learned that Daddy now
has cancer in his spine. Yesterday ( which was Monday) we took
back to his cancer doctor. He had his first radiation treatment
and they admitted to the hospital in hopes of getting his pain
under control. They said that the cancer had completely eaten
through three of the vertebrae and that he would have been
paralyzed within a month if we hadn't gotten the radiation
started. It has a 7 out 10 chance of successfully preventing
the paralysis. I am not really sure of anything else at this point.
His future, of course, is in the Lord's hands ~ AS ARE ALL OF OUR
FUTURES ~ It has been hard to see him in such pain, hopefully
this will improve in the next few days. Please pray for him
and for mom as well. Neither of them are resting much at all.

Work continues on the house. We are close to finishing.
Hopefully, I'll have some new pics up soon.

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Tammy said...

Tammy, So sorry to hear your sad news. I've been out of commission for awhile and just checked my blog. If they are not currently using Neurotin for his pain tell them to try it. With my mom's cancer she has had permanent damage to her nerve endings in her back from the radiation and that was the only way they got the pain under control. It is used for neuropathy. Maybe it will work for him too. A pain management specialist figured it out. I'll be praying.