Friday, October 22, 2010

Working in the Kitchen

Here goes...laying the tile in the kitchen. Of course, we
are still doing the finishing work in the hall bathroom.
I will have the pics in a couple of days. But, the cabinet
man is coming SATURDAY!!!!!! to measure and I am
so excited! So, getting the kitchen tile down has become
top priority.You can't tell by the pic but we were able
to get the room almost half done last night. We will
finish it tonight. We will probably grout it on Saturday or Monday
and it will ready to seal in just 72 hours. When we finish
the kitchen we will be finished with all the tile
(except for a small section in the living room at the
entry~ about 4 feet by 4 feet) We will have
laminate in there and didn't want a lot of
moisture on it, so we will put the tiles there
when you first walk in.
Anyway, here I am, getting started. My
honey like for me to do the thinset while
he carries in the tiles and all the cutting.
We make a good team!


Cheryl said...

Tile looks good. I hope you have something on your knees.

Tammy said...

I'm excited for you guys and your making so much progress. Soon you will get to enjoy the fruit of your labor! Bob and I work good together too.

Tammy said...

I was wearing kneepads~ and they did help some. But after a full day laying tile, I still had VERY SORE knees. But the tile is laid and waiting for we're almost done and it will be well worth it. Bret and I have always done stuff like this together. It kind of makes you appreciate it more, I think. Thanks girls for the nice comments.

Gail said...

Your place is looking great! I enjoy watching the progress. Thanks for the updates. We laid tile in our basement this past Spring. It is a job, but well worth it when it's finished. Looing forward to future pics.! Gail

Tammy said...

Gail~ I am so glad to hear from you! It's been awhile since you commented.

Joy said...

It looks SO good. I'm glad I could come see it today. I can't wait to see it all finished, but I'm sure YOU really can't wait! :)