Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Last night (very late last night), we
installed the new oak steps. We still
need to do some touch up on the paint
and put up the trim but I couldn't
resist taking a picture. I think the
stairs are my FAVORITE thing about
the house so far. They're just soooo pretty.
They make me smile every time I look at

A closer view of the oak

Side view~ Now we can finish the
trim in the hall...we had to wait until
we got the steps done before we put the trim
up. Hopefully, we will be getting our
wood stove installed this evening.
We also plan to put in the new vanity
today...IF we get done with the other
stuff in time.


Becky said...

Love the new steps!! absolutely beautiful :)

Tammy said...

They are pretty.

Peggy said...

VERY pretty!!!!!!!!

Tammy said...

Thank you! I really love them!

Brittany said...

Very Pretty!