Saturday, October 16, 2010

Project Pallotta continues

Work continues steadily on the house. We finished
putting the grout in the tiles laid in the bathroom
but we haven't put up the "trim" tiles yet.
We still need to purchase a new vanity. Hopefully, we
will pick one up today. The painting and wallpapering
is done (mostly~except for a little touchup)
in there as well. BUT, I DECIDED NOT TO
COMPLETED! Just another day or two
and it will be finished. We have finished
staining and putting polyurethane on the
steps. They are ready to be installed next week.
(They had to dry for 72 hours before being
walked on) They turned out so nice. I can't
wait for you to see them. A friend
of my honey's came over yesterday
and they spent most of the day putting
down the backer board in the kitchen.
We should be able to put the tile down in
there early next week also. So, as you can see,
Project Pallotta IS actually winding down. I
am sooooooo thankful, more than I can say.
This all started at the end of May and has gone
on much longer than I thought it would. I will
be so glad when everything is done and we
can live in a NORMAL house again with
all our things nicely put away in the places
where they belong.... JUST SAYING...
Just the bottom section to finish now; the kitchen,
dining room ( which really only needs to be painted ~ IF
I can ever decide what color ), and then the
living room. Yay!

Bro Grady here putting down
the backer board. He has been
here several times to help my
husband work. We appreciate it so much.
He has been such a blessing to us!
Do you remember Emily's chest of drawers
that we painted purple and lime green?
It has now come full circle. It started
out white (when I was a baby ) (believe it or not!)
and it is now white again!
You can still see a couple of boxes around.
I bought her a nice, big, white bookcase
for her room but I haven't gotten it put
together yet.
***Notice the toy story stickers on her wall?
She originally intended these for the playroom
wall but decided to put them in her room.
Doesn't go with her decor...but she really wanted it
that way. I figured it's her room...

You might remember, too, that I had plans to paint
the old antique iron bed for Emily's room. But once
we got the room done, we realized that a full size bed
would completely dwarf this room. So, we decided on
a nice daybed instead. Doesn't it look so sweet and
"girly"? I think it turned out very cute.

Emily has loved reading the Mandie books this summer.
Now, you have to know Emily to get the significance of
this. She had been saving her money all summer
and one day we went to McKay's ( a used book
store where you can buy or trade ) Anyway,
we went by McKay's and she bought EVERY
Mandie book that she didn't have~something like
thirty books!!!! She spent ALL her money!
That is NOT like Emily to spend it all
on something other than a toy. But, she has so
much enjoyed those books. She also has the
two Mandie movies that is out. Needless to
say, she is on a big Mandie kick these days.
Yesterday, she got dressed up as Mandie~ beginning
with an old-timey looking dress with puffed sleeves,
a bonnet, and even a white kitten named Snowball
(Mandie's kitten in the book) We found the
blong wig at the Dollar General store for
a couple bucks. Emily has loved to play
dress up all of her life. I am so glad that
she still enjoys being a little girl. She is only
eleven, and I think it's wonderful to see her
playing and having fun being a "kid".
Too many parents these days want to rush
their little girls into being teenagers.
***got on my soapbox for a minute there***
That's it for today. Keep on checking...there
will more pics in a few days!

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Tammy said...

The daybed looks good. You all are working so hard on all those details. Soon it will be a memory. Then house as normal once again. Emily looks so cute in her outfit. I say let her be a kid as long as she will be. - Advice from an empty nester! Now if she still wants to play with dolls when she is 16 ya might want to have a talk with her!