Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Laying Tile

We were getting ready to put down tile in the laundry room
when Bro Randal dropped by to see if he would help.
So, he got in on the tiling. He was here for about
half of the room and then I took over where he left
off. This is the first time that we've ever had tile.
Of course, Bret got a little experience working with
it when we built the fellowship hall last year. We had
a man come in and do the floors, and then Bret did
all the trim around the edges.
Here we go...

Going around the vents wasn't too bad... the holes for the
washing machine and dryer were a little more challenging...but
they did it!
Half done...we're getting there!

Tiled laid...just waiting for grout.

Grout in...what do you think about the trim? As I mentioned
earlier, we did the trim in our fellowship hall with the
tiles, and we decided we really liked it! So, instead of
wood trim in the rooms where we have tile, we will have
tile trim! It takes longer while doing the job (the grouting
mostly) but when you finish, YOU'RE FINISHED!
In the other rooms, you just begin to feel that you're done
and then you starting trimming...whew...that takes FOREVER!!!!
Cut the trim...nail the trim...patch the holes...touch up the
can't believe how long it takes to do that stuff!
Looking in at the finished floor...all that needs to be done
is sealing the grout. Gotta wait 72 hours for that.
Isnt' pretty? I just LOVE it!
On to the hall bathroom...then hopefully, the middle
section of the house will be complete.


Peggy said...

I do love it!

Tammy said...

Nice work and pretty too.